[WIP] Fireblow in the desert - need feedback

Update 3 Jun 16 : How cool is this demo version? Ya the DEMO version 2.0 is up and live on Itch for free, here it is - Bot vs Base demo by capericonic
It’s time for some action :stuck_out_tongue: There’s lot changes and improvement than what it was appeared earlier.


Update 17 may 2016, It’s on Steam greenlight - Steam Community :: Error
Changed the name to “BOT vs BASE”


Update : 29 April 16, can you escape?

Testing auto targeting missiles, damage has not been added yet, Missile base is also under construction :frowning:

In this game we actually operating a robot in first person view, equipping Sci fi weapons. Being a robot the first person is taller, wider and speed is more than usual first person, though the speed won’t be as much as shown in the testing video. There’s literally alot more works to be done including tanks, multi barrel rocket launcher and target following rocket system too along with different projectiles for enemy weapon system as opposed to the video. I really need feedback about this project.

For more (some may not be updated yet) -



Update- testing auto targeting missile system, actually after tweaking and finding the correct options to built auto targeting missile system. It’s looks pretty realistic (the follow system) I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great! Are the missiles trajectory updating on every tick? If so that might be a bit expensive when you have, say, 30 of them on screen or something!

Thanks, nope it’s not on every tick, it’s delay based and currently set on like 2 seconds or something, but that’s will be changed. I’ve made new video for greenlight, where it’s clearly visible.

The Demo version is live on itch for free - Bot vs Base demo by capericonic