[WiP] Female Character | Swordfighter | Maybe Steampunk touch


just started drawing a very rough Character Sheet for a female character i want to add to the UE4
Engine. It will be made with Blender once i decided on the cloths. Here is the first idea, but i guess i will
still change some colors and the skirt!

Also details are missing. Don’t go too on hard on me, since i can’t really draw and my digitalpainting skills
are even worse. This is just for a better understanding on what my character should look like later.


so i got a bit more into detail. Tried something for the top, skirt and glove.

But still farming some ideas. Here is how far i am with planning the character + a version with
ideas on how to change things. Since i know that i can save alot of time with a good planing, i will
do this a bit longer before starting to model her.

If it makes you feel any better, you’re still way better than me. I ordered a Wacom tablet off Amazon so maybe that will help! Good luck on your project.

:smiley: Thanks! I got the Wacom Intuos pen Small.

Started working on the 3D Mesh. Kinda hard to get back into organic modeling.

I prone to work too long on one part. Mostly on breast and butt parts. And get stack into moving
vertex back and forth >.< Need way more training!
But hey, the base stands. Will add some more details to the stomach/belly, back and shoulders when i find time.

For now, i will get some sleep. 4:35 in germany… **** it xD

Worked over the Main Body. Man it’s so hard learning this by doing >.<

I could probably use less polygons, but i’m still not skilled enough to find the best ways
to connect some verts without creating new loops.

Hm, doesn’t really look like what i wanted, but hey, it’s for learning and training x) I start hating human models.
Arms and Legs will be the next pain.

Organic modeling is highly difficult so kudos to you for giving it a go. Though you should add more superfluous belts since I get more of a “scene girl” vibe than steampunk from the concept art.

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, there is way to less steampunk on her at the moment.
I’m still searching references, but i don’t like most of what i find.

While i’m creating her body, i will continue searching :smiley: