[WIP][Feature] Walkable Capital Ships

I’m currently prototyping this before releasing it in the next content update.


What do you think?

Update: Demonstrating boarding enemy ships which are loading at 90 degrees from the Planetary Shipyard, on the orbital plane of the solar system.

This is a wonderful thing, GJ

Cool, im curious is this in singleplayer or multiplayer?

Nice work @AGPStudios - how did you set it up?

Hey folks, thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

This is multiplayer. I was initially creating the ship using Load Level Instance and static-random generated rooms, but I found a bug with it when clients enter the level, so I’ve switched to it being a streamed level.

Similar to Kerbal Space Program, from what I understand of their program, however I’ve had to write in my own physics handler.

Also, more: Advanced Gaming Platform - Pulverem Orbit - YouTube