[WIP] Fated World: Children of Destiny

Fated World: Children of Destiny

So Finally the first threshold is complete-ish. Wrote the original story for this game back in 2004 while in college. Started as a short play and expanded it into 160 page story. That i still have to go back and expand on for better flow in a few things for game play. Starting the year off in a right direction. Gotta keep to this resolution though. Woot!

Fated World: Title Screen

Below is a little of a back history of the world and the two main characters. I have not really touched this since college so the writing may be and can be cheeze… lol

Fated World Prologue:

Year 210 AHE, the human world has evolved to a new operational and technical world, shortly after a nuclear calamity in 4014 AD.

At the dawn of the era the radiation from the destruction of the seven continents seemed to disappear. Alas, there seem to have been some survivors but the genetics of the surviving humans seemed to have changed as well as all remaining animal life.

For years, humankind had quickly changed as they gave birth to new off spring. Though the offspring still looked human they obtained improved physical abilities. These abilities ranged from speed enhancements, strength enhancements, and others that slowly were being discovered as time continued. This led them to give themselves the title of The Bio-Human race.

Unfortunately, not all humans were so lucky. The humans that no longer appeared as humans were outcast from society for their deformations. Even their race started to go through their own changes as well. Unlike the Bio-Humans, theses changes were of the mind instead of the body. Completely opposite of the Bio-Human race, the Mystikos race could control elements of nature with the will of their mind. Power of fire, water, wind, and more were some of the abilities of the outcast Mystikos race.

The hatred between the races created a fight for which race was the superior race. This started a war between the races. With the technology that both races had, they constructed items to give them a small advantage in battle. These items were called Kyoka. These “Kyoka” were used by everyone in the war and caused many deaths. As war waged on the deaths increased more and more with no sign of lessening.

Then one day, a great light appeared in the sky, records have it that it was the life force of earth itself, some say it was a weapon that was built by the other race. Nevertheless, one thing was for sure no one knows what happened that day. The only thing that is known is that 59% of the earth’s population disappeared that day.

After this odd occurrence, a new bond was made between The Bio-Humans and The Mystikos. They saw this as a sign that their hatred against each other was ill willed and useless. The leaders of both races signed a treaty that day, to never take arms against each other again, in hope that what happened would never happen again.

So started the era AHE (After Human Evolution).

The story revolves around a man name Tori Miyazaki and Mika Magumi:

Back History of Mika and Tori:

When Tori and Mika were younger Tori was preparing to leave his village to finish his hunters license. The processes only required one more quest item to be secured from some ruins not much further than where his village is settled. When Mika heard he was leaving she rushed to him in angst not knowing if she would ever see him again. She pleaded that he take her on his last quest before he leaves but he refused. An argument erupted where Tori made her feel like she was weaker than himself with the only excuse being that she her self was still too young to even start hunters training. The argument ended with a mad exit for both members. The next day Tori awoke to find that his map and mission assignment were missing. He quickly rushed to Mika’s house finding nothing there but a note and a childish doodle stating.,“I’ll make you see me as your equal! PS: Jerk!”

He rushed back to his home, gathered his things and hopped on his bike and sped out of his village. Upon reaching the target area he could hear the sounds of a brutal battle and screams of anguish feel the area. He rushed in to find Mika face to face with his target, Xiuhcoatl the dragon of destruction. Xiuhcoatl raises his mighty claw for on last blow to Mika. Just before the strike makes contact Tori grabs her and knocks them both out of the path of death. But in doing so, Tori gets deeply injured across his back. Tori smiles up at her as his vision blurs and passes out. As Mika and Tori lay there ready to meet their end, Mika holds the unconscious Tori in her embrace as Xiuhcoatl rushes them both. Mika closes her eyes awaiting her fate. Suddenly she hears a deep screech and then silence. She opens her eyes to see her mother and Tori’s dad walk up to her. With a sigh of relief she smiles, then cries, and suddenly she too passes out. She awakes in her room. Her mother is there. She was given the news that Tori had to be sent to the Hunter Academy’s ICU for deep lacerations and heavy blood loss. Upset she runs out the house and down the block to “their special place”. An old tree house that was made by her and Tori in their dreams to become a hunter. She sits at the base and thinks of how he was right. She is not as strong as him. Will she ever be? Hours pass, as the sky turns crimson. She hears foots steps from afar heading towards her.

“He said you’d be here.” said Tori’s father. “Please, Not from you too, my mother already… I’m sorry… for getting your son hurt…” says Mika as she changes her tone to sincerity.

“Tori’s a strong guy. Don’t worry about it.” he hands her a letter addressed to her. “He told me to give this to you. And don’t worry though the scars will remain as will your friendship.”

As he walks away. Mika opens the letter.

“Hey Mika, I totally did not look cool at all passing out like that back there. I hear you are okay. That makes me glad. But I’m not saying I told you so… But I did! They say my back is pretty ****** up and they can patch me, but it will never be silky smooth again. Sucks for next summer… But anyway. I really didn’t expect to get dragged back to the academy. They are going to assign me a new final mission before heading into my last final trials. So coming back to see you is pretty much non-existent. A shame too because I wanted to get something done with you before I left. In the back of this letter there’s a drawing of Xiuhcoatl. I was planning on getting this tattooed on my back after I killed him, even try to convince you to get one too, and hopefully not get some of your explosives shoved down my clothes like usual. But I guess that’s not happening now. Heck maybe I’ll do it on my chest. How insane would that be? But I have to go Mika. It’s going to be a long year. Write me to the address on the letter. I’ll try to write back as soon as I get to.

PS: Please don’t send exploding letters.

Tori Miyazaki”

Mika takes the letter home and heads to sleep. The next day she gets the tattoo of Xiuhcoatl etched on her chest. As she looks into the mirror she thinks back to Tori saving her. She smiles then looks sad. “Never, I’ll never let myself get into that kind of situation again!” She heads home and writes a response to Tori. She adds a picture to the letter of her tattoo. Written on the back. “I’ll never forgive you for making me feel weak!” She heads to the post office to send off the letter. “Two letters madam?”, Mika looks down at the two letters. “Oh… no… Just this one. Thanks. This one I’ll send out tomorrow…” She heads to “their special place”. She lies in the grass staring up at the broke down tree house with a smile. “I’ll make you see me as your equal one day Tori!”. She takes out the letter from her pocket and stares at it. “I better take this letter bomb home and keep it safe til tomorrow.” As she opens it the photo of her falls out. “Oh ****… Well, looks like I messed up. I’ll mail this one tomorrow.” She hops up and heads home.

I haven’t read the story yet but I wanted to say that this title menu is incredibly stylish.
Love it and how it uses physical space to make the UI feel like a natural part of the world.

Also <3 for that credits screen.

The polish being presented here shows a great care for details.

So um not dead! yay! and ill be streaming … stuff… for the deving… so yep!

Thinking about streaming my game dev to youtube if anyone is interested. I’m not one for talking but I’d answer questions in the chat if anyone is actually there and has questions about what I’m doing or things with the toolkit and stuff. Just note that I’m super shy and I will try to talk vocally if i can… if i get enough courage. lol. I’ll try a stream this evening est time I’ll be putting together a base animation bp for my game character with idle active and idle reset states, walk blending for speed, jumping, falling states for different falling speeds and a player damage / ground splat state. I’ll probably get into creating a base character actor to handle the movements as well as starting the player controller that will be used to control base game mechanics for my RPG. So yep that’s a thing… https://www.youtube.com/user/

Showing off dev and explaining the changes for adding some basic stealth. Also showing a few other things im working on next.


Fated World: Game Dev 3 - Getting stealthy! - YouTube](Fated World: Game Dev 3 - Getting stealthy! - YouTube)

It’s been a while since I was able to share some of my game dev, I’ve been stuck in dev lock with animations and timing but since I i got some nice stand in ones from black friday I’m back in my comfort zone of development. And wanted to share all the fun things I’ve added. More Stealth, Input buffers, field actions, combo’s defending, and breaking things…

Man!!! You need to fix your thread XD its just a wall of text! This is no presentation! Just a bit of data thrown in there somehow at random.

you are correct

#ScreenshotSaturday: So I’ve gotten most of the flow for the turn based system working. From the High low system and basic item usage. A little pathing issues with the AI still and some issues with the handling of being staggered mid hit. One thing I’ve done is to have modular and tweakable attack animations. giving you the ability to tweak movement during an attack to change distance lunges as well as having more control in the animation as for the reach of certain attacks. In the base skill for the move it will have a minimum length to execute the skill and then with in the animation itself you control the reach of certain hits with in a skill, weither its a like or cone hit. The impact sound of the hit if landed on the target as well what partial system is spawn on hit. With this along with the move controls and already built in functionality of the system making moves in perona and then knowing how everything will look once played in the system is pretty fun to play with. A little more polishing to do on this and some play test in the opening map for my game to see how everything performs in the real environment.