[WIP] Fallen Spirit RPG

Hi Everyone,

We set out making an RPG along the lines of the Witcher and Dragon age in Unity. This WIP, is part of the the Spirit Universe franchise. A game of choice, deceit, lore in a troubled land.

We’ve made the move to UE4 (finally) :).

Some screen shots from Unity:

A WIP test shot of caves in UE4:

Plenty more to come.

Looking forward to seeing more, seems interesting.

Good to see the move to UE4. Now stop eating chicken and you’ll be a nice guy :wink:

This looks fantastic.
Can’t wait to see more.

WOW! Fantastic work ShadowKindGames. I really love the style of the first piece of concept art. Keep up the fantastic work and be sure to let us know how the game takes shape as you progress along in the development!