[WIP] Factory risk simluator

Hey there,

just trying out my first go with UE4 and thought I’d post my WIP so that hopefully you guys can give me tips if I’m heading in the wrong direction.

I work for a university for a group that produces interactive learning resources for students and am looking to go the next level and use UE4 and possibly VR with a Virtuix Omni and want to use this project as a pitch to my work group and academic clients.

Here’s what I’ve done recently having just delved into Substance Painter/Designer…


So I’ve decided on doing a factory environment that will have hazards that students need to avoid/address etc and (amongst other tutorials) will be following this tutorial as a guide

So I’ve grabbed a heap of reference photos and have roughly laid out the level with BSP’s as shown below:





Now I’m thinking of exporting the BSP’s from UE4 to Blender to start the actual meshes that will be in the game (trying to make this as modular as possible).

Sound ok so far?

Ok started with the floor and just wondering if I’m missing something, ie this is just a simple floor static mesh made in Blender with 2 UV maps, placed the “rough_concrete_with_lines” Graph on it in Substance Designer, then imported all into UE4.

When I build the lighting quality at “Production” I’m still getting what seems to be seams, and patchy lighter and darker versions of it. Am I doing something wrong?


Here’s a closeup of what I’m talking about…


Thanks in advance.

I tried a checkered pattern on it too and it looks like this…

Just thought I’d post up an update of where I’m at.

Because this will be a demo to our academics on campus, I’ve now started on a lab and real world location example to also add to the factory…