[WIP] Exoplanet : First person shooter

Hello everyone this is my first post on the forum, I’m currently trying to develop a game (Futuristic FPS). Here are some screenshots and a video of the work in progress. I need your opinion to make it better. I’m trying to have a AAA-like render.
This scene is a corridor.


Hope you will enjoy !

Looks awesome, only nitpick I have is the gun seems to jitter a little bit at 0:53 & 1:23

Love the aesthetic, would love to play a multiplayer map like this, reminds me of Space Hulk and Alien: Isolation

This looks really good. So much better then a lot of stuff I’ve seen. Keep up the great work!!

Really like the materials. This is some good PBR.

Looks really great!

I’d recommend you not ignoring the variety of the visuals though, even if it’s just replacing the yellow tiles with red ones (take a look Mirror’s Edge, a great example for monochrome yet diversified environments).

Hi Lionel,

Nice work everything looks good except 3 things (In my opinion, and I might be wrong)

  1. Rust decals seems to be applied randomly.
    Referring to these:


  2. Overall, roughness and normal maps can be better. There are details in your Albedo maps that are missing in roughness and normal maps.
    Referring to scratches on the floor in this screen:

    That’s almost the same issue on all metallic surfaces where there are rough scratches but no effect in roughness and normal map to complete the look of it.

  3. Auto Exposure is a little high. It could look better if you lower it. It’s currently too bright to me.
    Referring to these:

    There’s overall much more brightness than the brightness light bulbs could provide.

I hope that helps and keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone thx for the nice comments, I’m correcting things and working on the AI at the moment.
“1. Rust decals seems to be applied randomly.” : Not everyone, but due to video quality you are not able to see some water drops :confused:
“2. Overall, roughness and normal maps can be better.” : Yes you’re right I will improve them ! I worked too much on the texture optimization, the whole level in the video is using only 135 mB of textures, so I can improve material quality.
“3. Auto Exposure is a little high.” Yeah I was telling me the same thing when was playing, but wasn’t sure, this is why I posted the video and now thanks to you I’m sure that it was too bright. It’s corrected.

I’ve worked on a character :


Corrected Exposure :


Looks like you forgot to setup smoothing groups on the character?
You can use Deus Ex interiors as reference for your lighting. :slight_smile:

Well I don’t know when I import my models in Unreal engine it’s ok, I have smoothing groups, but when I import them 3Do in quixel suite it’s not having the smoothing groups. But it does not matter, it’s just for previewing ^^
Yeah I will have a look on google, I never played Deus Ex =p I use to play Half-life series, Mass effects etc

PS : you have good stuff on your Portfolio :wink:

Thought so, 3DO isn’t really great IMO.
Deus Ex is definitely a game you want to play or take a look at.

Thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile:

I never asked for this…

This is really great! The only thing that stood out to me was the the depth of field goes weird at times and is a bit heavy handed. Other than that it looks gorgeous.

Very nice work, I love the architecture and the colors. Keep it up! =)

Thx !

I tested new software today (Substance painter, it’s awesome !)


It looks pretty nice Lionel but you should always give credit to the concept artist you base your work off :smiley:

the light is bad
try a new sfi mesh or doont build on site
build on space end symbol are bad

Loving the environment!!! any chance you want to Join the Sanctity Lost team? :stuck_out_tongue: