[WIP] Etherion - F2P

Hello everyone :

I’m working on a big project that called Etherion, so let’s begin the story :

*Even the gods have well-kept secrets. We’re talking about ancient relics for accessing the world Etherion, learning of this civilization.
But the blackness of its former inhabitants took him to his loss and disgusting things there.

Will you dare to explore it?*

So what etherion is ?
Etherion is an MMORPG Open-World game in a medieval, futuristic, mythological and fantastic universe.

Open world ?
Yes, you’re able to move freely in a 40km² map or 1600km.

What we got :

  • An accessible little pre-alpha soon
  • A combat system
  • Bot combat

To-Do list : (a lot ^^)

  • Finish the map
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Building
  • Items
  • Monsters
  • Characters
  • Donjons
  • Spell systems
  • Sharing systems
  • Economic systems
  • Guild / Groups
  • Adding with the times ^^

Have fun to post any question or others things here :slight_smile:
I will try to update this as possible.

Buuuut no screenshots?

How are you handling loading / streaming the maps?

Screenshoot are coming don’t worry (i’m just foculising on the gameplay first ^^), the system of streaming from the landscape are good but not efficient, i think i will need to work with streaming level and LOD at 0 :slight_smile:

Here some little screenshoot, i miss a 3D artist :X

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