[WIP] Environment of a Lost Civilization

Hello! My Name is Rodmarie. This is my final proyect from my Master of Videogame Art. I wanna do a particular Civilization in a jungle.

This Enviroment has 3 parts: Lobby, Civilization and Rituals. I start with a simple blocking in Unreal and I was looking for information about the Olmec culture.


As I was new to the platform, it wouldn’t let me post the initial blocking (Which by the way, it still only lets me post 1 image per post.). So I’ll leave the blocking with a little more advanced. I have placed some base lights so that the environment could be seen, since when giving it “Build Lighthing” it looked completely dark. I didn’t want the “Preview” to show on top of things.

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I started modeling the Big Tree on the center of my Civilization. I’m export the size in Unreal and do another Blocking in Maya for start to sculpt the tree.

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Great work, keep it up!!!

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In the process of two of the “Hero Assets”. One I’m sculpting in zBrush (The Big Tree) and the other I’m modeling in Maya (House).

I’m in the process of making the central tree. I have made the leaves in Photoshop and I have shaped them to start putting them on the tree.

Tree process… I feel it simple, but very tedious. There are many leaves that must be put. :sweat_smile:

Redo the leaves for the 3rd time. I still need to finish placing the leaves and finishing the bake. Im testing the textures and lights.

UVs, test with Bake and finish last tree leaves.