[WIP]Environment : King's Landing - The great hall

Hey guys,

I’ve started working on an environment for my portfolio. This is my first attempt after I learned uv’ing, texturing using PBR and a bit of modelling in 3ds max.

After reading a bit on the forums I realized in order to get some freelance jobs I really need to do my best, even if it takes me one month and prove what I can do by having ONE masterpiece environment. ( basically what I mean is I understood it’s all quality over quantity)

I will be updating the wip daily ( if there is enough progress to matter).

Right now I just finished blocking it. I’m about to start laying out the UVs.

I am hoping to get some critiques and advices on whatever aspect, and you don’t have to take me easy, if there is something ugly, bad or you just don’t like it, please speak your mind.

The throne is not modeled by me, however I will texture it and use it (thanks to Badking for that).



And here is some reference :

It’s a bit too early to critique I think. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. =)