[WIP] Electric Binoculars

Hey all
I’ve been working on electric binoculars for the marketplace. Still got quite a bit to do to this. The NVG is nearly done, just have to fine tune the effects a bit. The thermal imaging I really want to refine more and see what other effects I can add into it. It’s quite simple at the moment and doesn’t really look right to me. I’ve also implimented tracking which works quite nicely. I’m hoping to refine this a lot more to see what else I can impliment into it. I’m keeping the HUD simple so that others can always add to it later on or alter it to look how they would prefer. I do plan on providing a few HUD’s which peeps can choose from but they will be just be base HUD’s. I’ve posted pics as well as a video as the quality is not the best for some reason. Feedback is always welcomed :slight_smile:

Looks great.

We need something similar, in a modification, that is looking to release a Demo, then Early Access or Epic Grant, maybe both… Screens here of Post Processing Filter, BluePrints can toggle the effect on/off (BP Designer is in last year of H.S. so he left the team.

If you’re looking to work on BluePrints towards a Professional Portfolio, we have a fair amount of tasks that need implementation, and exposure should be very good for us.