[WIP] DOT Beta

Its been quite a while since I’ve given an update here. The team grew from 6 people to 9, back down to 7, and now we’re hovering at about 15 people. Said being there has been a plethora of advancements we’ve made on DOT’s developments within the past few months.

But, I’d like to announce a few things. Over the past few months, we’ve aqcuired 3 indie studios working in Unreal Engine 4 to help with the construction of DOT powered games. The Unpersons, and two more that I will not be naming as of right now.

We’ve got tons of new features planned for Beta. Just a few of the major ones:

-NPCs will automatically collaborate together if their plot points are too difficult to do by themselves, or if they can be done more efficiently by working in teams. For instance if an NPC’s plot point says to mine 5 tons of iron, they may form a mining company and have all of the employees self organize/employ common management paradigms. NOTE: Does NOT utilize Unreal Engine 4’s blackboards.

-NPCs will automatically be able to bicker and fight among eachother. For instance, if two Kings have greatly conflicting political views it may spark a war between the two parties.

-High level input schematics. DOT will be able to process and understand short stories notated with OWL Purdue.

-Multilevel plots as well as plot branching.

-A more advanced schematic for dynamic characterization.

-Greatly improved performance and mobile support.

-Windows support.

We also have a website now: www.dotpowered.net

Beta is expected to have a development time of 10 - 12 months. We’ll be posting any Unreal Engine 4 related news here. For the rest of the news, please visit our subreddit or website. I’d also advise that if you’re interested in the subject, you should take a look at the suggested reading.

One of my linguists posted an article on story telling: http://dotpowered.net/news/6


I compiled a list of tutorials. Any feedback is welcome :smiley:

Doesn’t seem like I can get to your website, anything from just dotpowered.net to those links comes up with a page with a bunch of code and “SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘wirezapp’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)”.

I just fixed it (Hopefully). It should work now :smiley:

Can confirm it works =]

It’s all way beyond me, but this kind of thing is really cool.

Will be nice to see it in action.

I was considering writing entry level tutorials. All of what I have written so far is assuming that the reader is at a near masters level for computer science (For the architecture tutorials), or at post graduate level for English. (For the storytelling tutorials)

If we were to cover the basics, we could write tons and tons of books on this stuff haha. Even just by covering graduate level content, we have alteast another 40 blog entries we can do for both tutorial series. If I were to cover some of the beginner topics (Eg: An introduction to fuzzy logic controllers and Bayesian probability theory), how many people would read it?

I want to say to any other indie studio out there, DO NOT DISREGARD NETWORK SECURITY!!! The web developer that had created my site placed passwords in plain text, left the website in debug mode, and didn’t even encrypt half of the data. Because of this, multiple digital signatures were compromised earlier this morning from my servers, which will take weeks and a fair bit of money to fix. The back end is a complete mess that will take a fairly long time to clean up.

All in all, get a network security dude if your studio has more than 10 people. You seriously won’t regret it.

^^ That sucks.

I totally understand not doing beginners stuff, especially starting with it.

It would be cool to see a video of things like this sometime in the future.

Anywho good luck with fixing up your stuff.

I could eventually do a video of that, thing is that was a feature that we’ll have by the end of beta. Not a feature we have yet :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll use a really cool planning algorithm that creates plans in logn time instead of nlogn time like HTNs, and utilizes basic structural reinforcement learning. I can’t really go into the exact algorithms, but it performs quite well.

A small update on how we’ll be conducting open testing in September: comments/31n1rx/plans_for_open_beta_testing_in_september/


I think this gives me some bragging rights :smiley: Today we had a 1000X increase in performance by moving all of our tree searching algorithms and fuzzy logic cost functions to the GPU :slight_smile:

Hey guys just wanted to make a notice that we’re looking for java script and ruby programmers. We need a few more people to flesh out our data visualization and end user management team. If anyone is interested, send me an email (If you get a daemon error, just send it to )