[WIP] Door Asset Pack

Hi guys, changing this thread to a more general “my stuff” thread, so I can chuck what I’m working on up here. You can view my marketplace here

I got that door pack out in the end, check it out, hope you like it!




How much are you looking to charge for this? The texture work is fantastic!

Thanks! I’m not really sure about price, haven’t really though much about it. Once I’ve got some more assets done I’ll review then and decide.

Does anyone know if you can use vertex painting with dynamic objects, i.e. a moving door? I tried to set it up but it wouldn’t work. I’d be looking to allow the user to change the colour of the door but still allow it to animate, is that possible?


Depending on what you’re trying to achieve with vertex painting, wouldn’t material instancing be a simpler way to change the colour of the doors?

Hi, yep silly question sorry, I’ve got it working now with the material system. Not really used to using UE4 but it’s pretty cool! :slight_smile: