[WIP] DinoOverhaulProject: Designed for PvE with an increased realism challenge & greater reward!


RECOMMENDED: Use the DinoOverhaul map extension here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=634185010

NOTE: Use the once a week stable build here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=547672779

[h1] All patch notes can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/485826143/535152511374022600/ [/h1]

MOD ID: 485826143

*Best experience on a fresh game world.

Official Servers:

[h1] ** WARNING: If you are looking for a solid challenge against your PvE counterparts this MOD will give you all the challenge you are looking for; PvP is much more interesting and requires a cleaner approach. This MOD is very unforgiving for the casual gamer, forget what you think you know about the vanilla Disneyland experience, progression will take time and taking shortcuts can really set you back. All dinos have been completely reworked in all areas, take the time to test this MOD on a singleplayer server and ensure your community is fully aware that DinoOverhaul completely changes gameplay tactics.

NOTE: Do not run this MOD above Difficulty=1 the MOD will be completely unbalanced. This MOD already introduces a huge increase in challenge at standard difficulty and has not been tuned to surpass vanilla difficulty default levels.** [/h1]

Highlighted changes:

-All Dinos have had their base stats reworked: “All dinos have various starting stats based on type, emphasis on increased melee damage and speed to include reductions on all torpidity and food”
–Melee damage

[h1]-All Dinos have had their stat gains reworked: “All dinos are capped at ~2% max stat gain per point, but each dino gains a various amount depending on the type” [/h1]
EX: A T-Rex will gain more stat in melee per stat point than a parasaur would, but a parasaur would gain more in movement speed
–Melee damage

-Majority of dinos have flee on critical hit implemented, retreating from a losing battle
-Torpidity recovery has been greatly increased
-Taming times have been greatly reduced, focus is more on the hunt!
-Damage output of most dinos have been greatly increased to reflect more realisitc outcomes
-Alpha dinos have a chance to wake from torpidity if threshold is below ~20%
-Alpha & Mega dinos will roam greater distances
-Wild dino level reflects greater stat gains, With increased danger due to huge speed increased which ~70-100% of it being inherited upon tame
-Mega dinos cannot be tamed and never will be
-Torpidity has be greatly reduced, requiring less tranq to bring down the largest carnivores
-Affinity greatly reduced per wild dino level (greatly reducing the taming gap times between wild dino levels)
-Reworked dino behavior on select dinos
-Added increased attack interval time to most dinos
-Reworked broodmother
-Apex Alpha Dinos breed considerably less often (breeding intervals greatly reduced for Apex and non Apex dinos)
-Mega Dinos have huge loot tables, while Apex Alpha Dinos have better scaled loot tables with possible drops of really rare loot

[h1]New items:[/h1]
–NEW Mega Walls, Megas will not walk through these walls!
–NEW Advanced mini grill: Cooks Alpha Prime meat which can be found on select Apex Alpha dinos and on all Mega dinos, adds buffs to the consumer. They are based off of the cookable soups from vanilla, but 2 of the prime meats are a new custom (Holy Prime: provides a hugh light buff and increases nearly all stats. Bringer of Doom Prime: emittes a smoke around the consumer and buffs health regen greatly along with other perks).
–NEW Anvil crafts a modified version of the saddles, and new items!
–NEW High Output Forge (can be picked up and placed somewhere else, cooks 10 ingots per every 20 metal ore)
–New High Output Mortar&Pestal (can be picked up, higher yield for sparkpoweder, gunpowder, and cement paste)
–Organic Planter (for plant species X)
–New ammo types for custom weapons are only craftable in Anvil! (Custom tiered weapons only require an artifact the first time they are crafted, repairs dont cost an artifact)
–Alpha Prime Meats (found only on select MEGAs and Apex Alpha dinos)
–Tier 1 Flame Assault Rifle - (found only on select MEGAs and Apex Alpha dinos)
–Tier 1 Poison Pistol - (found only on select MEGAs and Apex Alpha dinos)
–Tier 1 Rainbow Pistol - (found only on select MEGAs and Apex Alpha dinos)
–Tier 2: FlameThrower - (found only on select MEGAs and Apex Alpha dinos)
–Tier 2: Organic Poison Rifle - (found only on select MEGAs and Apex Alpha dinos)

[h1]-Dino Changes:[/h1]
–Trike only gathers stone, wood, thatch, flint, but tons of it!
–Turtle gathers x10 more berries than vanilla, this can be your new berry farming replacement dino!
–Small Monkey can no longer wear helmets, instead this has been shifted to the Apex Monkey!
–Phiomia gathers thatch!
–Megas can destroy metal tier, Apex alphas can destroy stone tier “includes all new and reworked loot table, with rare drops” (plans for new custom DinoOverhaul loot)

T = Tammable
NT = Not Tammable

APEX ALPHA DINOS: Custom loot tables
–Apex Alpha Ant Drone - NT
–Apex Alpha Argentavis - T
–Apex Alpha BoaFrill - T
–Apex Alpha Carno - T
–Apex Alpha Coel -NT
–Apex Alpha Dilo - T
–Apex Alpha Dimorph - T
–Apex Alpha Dodo - T
–Apex Alpha Phiomia - T
–Apex Alpha Plesiosaur - T
–Apex Alpha Ptero - T
–Apex Alpha Raptor - T
–Apex Alpha Rex - T
–Apex Alpha Saber - T
–Apex Alpha Spider - T
–Apex Alpha Spino - T
–Apex Alpha Trike - T
–Apex Alpha Dire Wolf - T
–Apex Alpha Toad - T
–Apex Alpha Sarco - T
–Apex Alpha Pithecus - T
–Apex Alpha Dragon - T
–Apex Alpha Turtle - T
–Apex Alpha DodoRex - T
–Apex Alpha ZombieDodo - T
–Apex Alpha Stag - T
–Apex Alpha TerrorBird - T
–Apex Alpha Brood Mother - T
–Apex Alpha Bat - T

MEGA DINOS: Carry super rare loot and DinoOverhaul exclusive items WIP
–Mega Carno - NT
–Mega KingKong - NT
–Mega Megalodon - NT
–Mega Raptor - NT
–Mega Rex - NT
–Mega Dimorph - NT
–Mega Spider - NT
–Dragon - NT
–Pithecus - NT
–DodoRex - NT
–Mega Compy - T (must be trapped and knocked out with poison gas!)

TITAN DINOS: Rare event based dinos, 20min timer!
–TITAN Angler - NT

-Misc Additions:
–Golden Dodo - NT (Extremely fast and difficult to kill, massive loot)
–ZombieDodo - T
–Plant Species X (rehauled)
–Alpha Plant Species X Seed
–Alpha Carno, Rex, & Spino have a chance to drop required artifact for the DinoOverhaul weapons!

-Misc Additions:
–Golden Dodo - NT (Extremely fast and difficult to kill, massive loot)
–ZombieDodo - T
–Plant Species X (rehauled)
–Alpha Plant Species X Seed (mini and alpha)
–Alpha Carno, Rex, & Spino have a chance to drop required artifact for the DinoOverhaul weapons!

Lookin good Mike! I like what you are doing with this rework mod quite a bit. I wanted to see Alpha dino’s in the game early on. Thought it was always something that would of added to the realism/terror factor of it all haha.

Thanks for sharing & good work!

  • Sinari

Thanks Sinari, i wish there was MOD stacking already because i would love to add your MOD to mine!

Ditto! Was just thinking they would be a nice combo together :smiley:

I’m developing a very similar mod to this also called Ultra-Realism. Probably the main difference is mine will be fairly scientific in terms of balance sometimes at the expense of fun(!).

If you want to exchange ideas any time feel free to drop me a PM. I think the art of balancing is probably something that we’re all going to have to put our heads together on at some point…

I’ve been doing dino balance in my mod Statera Vis as well. My initial effort was in support of my mod having multiple levels of tranquilizer round, and making it so taming something like a Rex would NEED that higher caliber tranq round.

I also re-balanced the dinos based on ‘size class’ so that the larger dinos are a lot tougher, and harder to bring down and then get even moreso with levels so that a level 1 rex is peanuts when compared to a level 50. I made the damage boost that dinos got vs. other dinos when tamed baseline to apply to wild dinos as well (with a tweak to make the carnivores more dangerous). I still plan to do another rebalance pass soon as I’m never happy with my work. :smiley:

Its looking good man! Balancing is definitely a fine line to walk down…lol. have you gotten to the place where a lvl 30rex (with 20 levels while tamed) doesnt destroy level 80s?

I see, for the most part the rehauled dinos are much more deadly. For example even in full armor a Rex will mostly likely 1 shot a player on foot, so attempting to bring it down is very risky but rewarding and highly encouraged to have for end game boss fights.

Can I have more info on the Rework Dino taming?

Taming is faster but not easier? Why? is the topor decrease faster?

Yes, i rebalanced that “-Further Adjusted % stat gain when tamed addition (heavily nerfed due to receiving 50%+ bonus to HP/DPS/TORP, etc)” so you only can receive a small boost.

Torpor decreases fast, requires more resources to keep down, and is much more dangerous to approach and attempt to take down due to rebalance of tamed dino that were once OP (of course you can trap the dino behind a wall or something (the AI is a little dumb still). For example if you approach a level 30 rex on a level 30 sabertooth attempt to fight you will drop in 3-6 hits depending on where you placed your stat points. Also Wild dinos regain health and Torpor very quickly. so unengaging in battle for more than a set amount of time will result in lost efforts. Certain dinos will also flee from battle for a set time if they reach critical health, giving them time to regain stats.

-Update further balanced v2.6.6

FYI, all the dinos are added into a subclassed spawner, so any exisiting dinos in game will not be altered instead any new dinos that spawn will be the new modified ones.

Updated notes

Updated notes

"-Temp fix for Ples unlimited spawning ( I advise you to remove all Ples, but be warned it will cause a “SERVER CRASH”, and you have to wait for the server to return, it can take upto “1hr”) (if you installed this MOD after v2.7.0, then you are fine and wont need to do this). "

BUT HOW!!! lol… this one still stumps me.

I could be wrong but he remove the ple from the spawner. I read that somewhere :slight_smile: (in the comment on steam no?)

I completely redid their spawn in a different sections. But keep in mind that you also need to update the Ples depth limits so his animations work again.

Updated Notes