[WIP] Dino Wars Total Conversion

Dino Wars

This is a Battlefield type game play crossover with a fully unique map. The map is currently in the process of being created. The landscape, and water are done. Working on adding Static meshes and foliage tonight. The map is called “Raptor Canyon”. A river runs through the center of the map with a waterfall at one end and a underground cave at the other, these form natural barriers. The cliffs on either side are breathtaking as they are deadly. Basically, this is a tomb. Will you be one of the lucky survivors? Or will your lifeless body float down the river into the obis?


Last man standing

There will be 2 tribes of 8 players while in development(Hopefully more as I work out the bugs and logistics of the gameplay). Once the Que is full each team will be spawned in at their base location. Each tribe will have 2 hours to build, level, and tame to build their defenses. Each base location is identical and the map is symmetrical to eliminate disadvantages on the map.

After the 2 hours is up, the PvP can start. Each tribe can attack or defend depending on what strategy they want to use. The game is permadeath, no respawns. The costs of materials, exp, taming, and crafting will be boosted so most can get to at least level 70 prior to the PvP starting. All item must be crafted, all dino’s must be tamed(This can change depending on balance).

Dino’s will play a big roll in the PvP as mounts, cannon fodder, or all out brute force. Some dino’s will not be in game because of balance. Some not in are, Gigatonosaurus, Quetzel, Penguins, Brontos, Boas, Spiders, Bats, Argents, and more to come.

State of the Mod

Currently, this mod is in the very early stage of development. I am currently concentrating on the map and spawn points.

Wanna Help?

What I lack is UI and Coding experience. If you are experienced in either one of these please PM me here, or on steam at ustolemygmrtag. I look forward to hearing from you.

There will be screens of the map soon. Once the core structures, foliage, and texturing are done.