[WIP] Deadly Ruins [Environment]

Hey everyone!

This will be my first (Of many) submission to the Marketplace and I’d like to share some progress. It’s been a few months in the works and it feels good to be near completion.

My intentions are to submit the modular level kit to the unreal marketplace for everyone to use/checkout. The level was in inspiration of the Warhammer universe, I wanted to achieve something dark and dream like. I think it would be a great addition to the marketplace and is synergistic with a ton of existing marketplace items. So far it consists of: A modular architectural components kit including some destroyed versions. An internal architecture set without destroyed variations… An organic rock structure, debris rubble kit. A modeled trim and a texture based trim kit that you can swap onto meshes as you please. A hand full of props like chains, spiderwebs, bones, dining set. A material library that also includes variations of damage and patterns, ect.

I’m currently working on some more detailed player interaction props and updating the materials and lighting.

Let me know what you like/don’t like/would rather see! I’d like to hear what you think regarding aspects you would like to see, include and what you think would be the most help to your project!

let me know what you like/don’t like/would rather see! Please keep in mind these renders are WIP as I’m still finishing the small props, and some VFX and tweaking the lighting for the package.

Best regards,
Patrick Planche



Looks very good, some suggestions for less repetitiveness, the top wall parts should be meshes, the others could come as decals maybe.


Thanks for the feedback!
I have yet to do any material blending to break up some patterns, decals are in the plan and will be done very shortly as I hit my detail pass. I’m not quite sure what you mean by top parts could be meshes.

2c: Quality fantasy packs are always a welcome addition to the marketplace…
The high walls are interesting but the look is a bit repetitive atm as was said.
Suggest checking out the competition too for differentiation / compatibility etc:

The meshes i overpainted in the first picture above, those should be meshes, not decals. For instance different forms for these out topping meshes (not sure what to call them - on top of the walls) Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

OH! Thank you, add to the silhouette of the pillars to break the repetition, gotcha. Thanks for the example!

looks epic wouldnt change a thing

sorry! I had the response mixed up, I totally understand and agree.
I think I should re-focus my attention to bring out the modular destruction I first wanted to achieve. I have about six versions of the walls destroyed and whatnot but they are not being shown in the renders. I’m going to give them more love and perhaps devise a real time blending of the destroyed versions via blueprint.

I agree it looks a little too repetitive, but since it’s modular maybe you could have some pieces with more repetition than others?

Also, do you plan to release the ruins separate from the desert environment?

I’m going to focus my attention on breaking the rep on the walls :slight_smile:
I could if that is something people are interested in! I don’t see why not.
I’m going to give the props i’m working on another week or two and then get back to the walls/destruction. I’m having fun with some cloth sim and spline animation. More to come!


So, I reworked all of the modular structures to clean up some UV’s and sizes. Now all walls can share textures seamlessly if no pillars are desired, the uv’s align perfectly across all sizes of walls. I added some variations as well, some with destroyed holes others with sides missing ect. I’ve reworked the lighting for presentation purposes as well. I’m going back to working on the props and small details, props that can be added to the walls similarly to trims, to add additional variation. I’m going to re work the main blending shader as well, to remove color variation from mesh painting to a mask and multiply system to give users a quicker way to change the colors of metals, ect.

I’m looking for some help with Blueprint splines, if anyone could give me a shout that would be really cool, I’d like to convert those static mesh chains into splines but I’m pretty new with blueprint.

Cheers! more to come…