[WIP] Coast ArchViz

Hi guys,

currently I create a ArchViz on a coastline. Final there will be a day and evening scene.



The rock’s use a scale object texture and a vertex color alpha mask for wet places. For color variation i use a world position texture.

Image from Landscape Layer:


Fantastic work Ulrich! Your Coastal ArchViz scenes look awesome. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us updated as you progress along in the development of this project!

Nice start man! Looking forward to see more awesome stuff from you :slight_smile:

Nice job with this visualization, love the rocks a lot! Don’t forget the lens flares!!!

I’m very impressed with your landscape man! How do you do the sea…is it just a material with texture and normal map? I’m trying to make a decent sea for a arch-viz project myself.

Stunning work, i really like what you got so far

Nice one!!!

Nice sunset.
Looking forward to see the building

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

here a small update, with base texture for the building, sand-sedge assets and small fixes. Next time i add, trees, brushes, waves etc.

Love this! The beach and dunes especially look spot on!

I like what you’ve done with the shore but the water ruins it, looks like a lake of crud oil and has visible repetitions(I know it’s how water looks in UE).

I hope you’ll add some washed out props and branches.

That water looks fantastic great job.

Looks really great however I agree with others the water is the real issue here right now.

marketplcae please!

Hey Ulrich,

Beautiful job on the Coastal Archviz!! Since I haven’t seen any updates on this project in months, I was wondering if you were considering detailing the lighting and materials in the forum so we can all learn from it?