[WIP] Cat's Life RPG

Cat’s Life RPG is a Open World Single Player Sandbox Adventure as Snickers the Cat!

Currently I’m working on a small section of the world.

What I have in so far:

1st to 3rd person camera with mouse scroll wheel
M key makes Snickers Meow

Working on a Day/Night/Weather system
Animation for Snickers.

Most of what I have built so far is using free assets on the forums, as well as a few items from the market place, and Snickers is a free Cat asset I found on the internet.

More to come.


Youtube Videos:

Other Images:

Made Snickers Less Shiny.

I’m so onboard.

A cat RPG? Awesome! :smiley:
What’s the story behind the game?

Fighter Right now Im getting content in, I have a story writer, but we want to get a base for the game first, and then write a story, It’s an Open Sandbox World, and Cat’s tend to not always follow a story :wink:

One of the biggest things about the game will be Exploration, and finding “Hidden” things throughout the world.

Cool Spec if you want pm me Ill hook you up with my Skype.

I seem to attract German coders lol Not that it’s a bad thing, German’s make awesome developers :slight_smile: