[WIP] Card Game Kit | Marketplace Submission

Hello! I’ve been working on a project that helps with creating playing card games with plans of submitting it to the UE4 marketplace. The project will have four different card demos Hi-Lo, Klondike Solitaire, Texas Holdem (or another variation of Poker), and Go Fish created with custom blueprints. Currently, I have functions that cover basic card mechanics such as shuffling, drawing, setting up piles, and resetting decks. Since many events in card games are driven by the value or meaning of the card, I’ve been using structs and data tables to store data so comparisons can easily be made to execute the proper events. This isn’t going to be a plug and play system unless you want to use one of the games included in the project. However, I am always striving to make this as user friendly as possible so I appreciate all feedback, comments, questions and suggestions.

Is there any way you can add a “Battle Mode” system into this (like Hearthstone etc.)?

I was hoping to create a TCG demo as well. I’m a huge fan of Hearthstone and had a demo in the works that used similar mechanics. But while I was creating it I realized that a lot of what is involved in a TCG were the mechanics themselves and the functions provided in the card kit weren’t being used very much. However, you could still use this to create one, which is a small reason why I went to create a Go fish demo to demonstrate creating a custom deck of cards.