[WIP] Bullet hit Effects

Hey all,
Starting a new Rifle/bullet hit effect set for the marketplace. Here’s a start for a default hit for the set. Take a look see.

When its done, I wanted to have a set of hit effects for

  • Default
  • concrete
  • dirt
  • water
  • wood
  • glass
  • grass
  • flesh
  • ice
  • metal
  • sand
  • and snow

also some muzzleflashes
bullet casings
decals for prime surface tupes
and a blueprint for all of this so we can shoot correctly tagged collisions.

So some questions. How many muzzleflashes do you think it should have. I’m going to take the rifle from the shooter gallery and use it for barrel end size.
I was considering making a video of blueprint set up for this (as well as the grenades) would you find it useful, or would you rather do that yourself?
I don’t think skel meshes take decals yet, so not sure what to do with the flesh impacts and hits.
Was considering having tracers in this too… what do you think?

Thanks and I’ll have more soon.

Gentleman Fred FX

Not bad.

Tracers would be a good start, I’m interested to see how that works. Remember different users are going to have projectiles as actors or as line traces depending on their needs.

Thanks for the post Veovis.

I’ll have an update with all of the variations in the next couple days. I want to finish my shooting gallery and just set the whole preview video with firing into different surfaces with the decal/hit and some kind of muzzle present.

Tracers: I want to have trace and projectile based versions to use. I’m still not sure how to best show that without causing some confusion. Probably the best way would be to make a blueprint per type, as the trace will have a different solution than the projectile. When making the grenade blueprint, I came across a couple ways to do the same thing, so I think the tracer types might be a starting point for whomever needs the effects.

Thanks again! I’ll post an update in the next few days.

Gentleman Fred FX

I’m certainly going to buy this, nice job :slight_smile:

Regarding your questions, I don’t think you should spend time explaining how blueprints work, I think there’s enough tutorials everywhere for those basic things, just make a good pack of particles and people will figure out how to use them depending on their own needs and the huge amount of tutorials for those things.

Tracers are also cool :slight_smile:

Do you have an ETA for the package?

Hey Bigzer,

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the delay in response.

I had a slight setback with the grenade pack so I’ve been focusing on re-submitting that. I’m back on the bullets as soon as I get this back up.

As far as an update, I have most of the bullet impact particles done, and I was working on the decals when I got the news that the grenade pack didn’t get enough votes, so I dropped that and refocused on the booms.

The new plan is to finish up the bullets and submit asap. Tracers are being a little tricky since there are a few different ways someone could spawn them. Muzzleflashes are even trickier since I don’t really have a gun to work with except the free gun pack. I’ll make a small set and see what’s what.

I wonder if there a way to do updates to existing packs… hmmm I’ll ask epic. It may get a little messy though with people who have already purchased a pack. Anyway, sorry again for the delay. I’d meant to have this one done by now. I’m also going to be working on some breaking effects too, then back to the list on the VFX what do you want thread. Thanks again for the feedback and have a good day.

All right,
I have all the hits done, and the tracers… working on the decals but they’re being a little troublesome. Not displaying like I think they should. I’ll have something to show soon. just an update. FYI

Great, can’t wait to see how this works out, we’re hoping to release in early access before Christmas. It would be great to have some cool effects as we don’t have time to spend on those ourselves at this moment.
As for the grenade pack, I’m still in but I would suggest you call it ‘explosive pack’ and add some different types of explosions including some with quality smoke we see in good games nowadays (made with frames).

Personally I’ve seen what you have with the grenades and love it! Very powerful stuff right there, also I like the camera shaking effect ^^. I wish I could get it already ;p

I’ll be adding some bullet stuff soon. I just responded to your other message. I’m doing one more pass on the grenades, so hopefully they’ll be up soon!

Sorry for the delays on this. The changes to the grenades took longer than expected. I’m working on the decals now. Hopefully posting soon. Sorry again for the delays.


Submitted the bullet pack to the marketplace;

Here’s a link to the youtube clip:

the decals and the tracers weren’t working properly, so they’ve been pulled for now. Sorry.

I’ll be putting up a voting link as soon as it hits the board.

Have a great holiday


Hmm. Pretty useful pack, especially for shooters. Which price are u going to set on this?

Not sure yet. I’m on the fence. I think it will be somewhere in the 25 - 35 range. this one took longer than expected to get together. I expect Epic’s feeback to have decals, so its more complete, so chances there will be bullet hit decals too… currently they aren’t behaving.

Hey all,
I’ve added a new video for the Bullet VFX pack

Take a look see.

p.s. Sorry Bigzer, I haven’t been able to solve the tracer issue. sigh-.

Hello all
Afer a bit of time the bullet fx pack is on the voting trello! Please vote!

Thanks! more updates to come!

Good job, They are looking nice. Good luck.

Thanks everyone the bullet pack is finally up on the marketplace:

Thanks everyone for the kind words. More to come!