WIP- BluePrint Level testing

Hi guys,

Playing a little with the blueprint.
It’s pretty insane what is possible so quickly!
This is about a night work. My first testing of blueprint.

Sorry for basic level design, it’s just bsp and the button itself is modeled in max.

The button as well as the “lift” can be modify directly inside the details panel, without having to change/enter the blueprint.

nice playground you have here :slight_smile:

Hey Super,

That was a pretty cool sandbox you have going on. I look forward to seeing what else you set up!

Nice! What program did you create the landscape with? Was that done directly with UE or did you import that from somewhere?

Thanks guys, trying all in the same level is kind of useful.
@Bajee :. I did it directly inside UE. Need to work more on that. :slight_smile: