[WIP]Blueprint Basic Mutiplayer HUD Tutorial

Hello, I’ve been using UE4 for a little bit now and one of the things I struggled with the most is setting up a simple multiplayer game inside blueprints to host/join and start the game with listen server and client at the same time. So after banging my head and a few little blueprint tricks. I’ve created a little system that is great for prototyping my games. I’ve started writing a tutorial on the wiki to allow others to do the same if they so choose. I wasn’t expecting all the work that goes into a full tutorial, so thank you to everyone that has ever written a tutorial, this will be my first one. And my first post here.


It’s mostly Just images now, but I’m working on filling in the gaps explaining things. It will take some time to complete but all the info should be there in the screenshots if you are blueprint savvy.

Hope this is useful, and if you have any Ideas on things you might like to see in this. Give me feedback. Just keep in mind the scope is just a small menu that you can type an IP address and join a listen server or host one yourself. Most likely will fail greatly if you try to use it wit a dedicated server. But for that kind of thing I plan on moving to C++ for a full solution with server lists etc at some point in time.

Any updates?

Hi, are you still working on this tutorial? If so, I wonder if you have time to help? I’ve done a direct implementation of your tutorial in a new project, but can’t get a second player to join in…