[WIP] Black Iris - Souls Like Indie Game

Hi, my name is Abraham Kim an I’m the cofounder and Game Director of Hexa Game Studio.

We are a new company with 2 man plus 1 on sound design, and our first project is Black Iris, an action RPG with Souls elements plus Devil May Cry.

With 7 months of production we got Sony approval by Foster to be able to develop for PS4 too.

So I want to say thank you for everyone from this forum that helped me to learn more about Unreal Engine, and in special Epic Games to give us the most important think to be able to make a game as indie, free Engine and Assets with quality.

is some video from our prototype first Boss fight:

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Looks nice!

It’s a good start.

Off to a great start! Please keep us updated with your progress :slight_smile:

Bump!!! Want to see more updates.