WIP Battlescape Assault

hey all,

I’m just starting out attempting to create a multiplayer FPS game. Learning the engine and iterating as I go, The plan is to create a multiplayer based FPS game. The maps would be in various locations with Death match and capture the flag modes.

Concept: year 2169
Multiplayer arenas on various places including:

Phobos asteroid Base
Mars Plains
Mining Facility (space station)

Game types: Capture the flag and Deathmatch (hopefully)

The images here are of the first test of my Modular Base design (currently WIP), Which allows me to redesign the base as and when needed.
So far its comprised of 3 sections used in various ways to build out the base, With more sections on been designed for living space and power room for example.

Hope you like it so far and welcome constructive criticism. (Still learning)

Looks interesting, curious to see where this goes. =)