[WIP] Auto Terrain Texture in UE4

I’ve been playing with the slope select node trying to get some dynamic terrain treatment for the base terrain coloring.
I’m trying to remaking the same process from the WM BCoreV2 and also i want to make terrain themes similar to how Vue 11 is setup for easy terrain texturing and geographical modifications.

Base Texturing.

With Image Desposition Mask.

With Image Flow Mask.

With Image Wear Mask.

Would you mind sharing tips on how to achieve this? Maybe some screens of the material setup needed to get started?

Well I’m going to put in the tuts section in a few days if i can get all the masking to work with meh. I’m also trying to figure out how to go past the 16 texture limit and do the 128 textres that you can use now.

looking nice so far :slight_smile:

I’ve been slowly doing something similar myself. however I want to make the flow/depo/wear also procedurally. eventually :slight_smile:

btw I hope you’re aware of the limitation of using this instead of painting layers: you can only use one physical material which essentially makes it impossible for any gameplay factors (sound for footsteps, movement, etc) to know about the different “materials” of your terrain

I could not figure out what the calculations would be fore disposition and such so I opted for the manual mask for now. As for the terrain I dont know about phys mats as of yet.

So I’m liking this not manually painter terrain thing. Even though I have implemented the Blend Layer. I will see tomorrow how this works when actively painting the terrain. Hopefully everything updated pretty automatically. My only issue is the shadow on the new Grass Type. I even tried adding an additional Skylight and cranked the intensity high but still dark shadows on the grass. This is the same grass used in the Kite release FYI and if I manually paint the grass using the vegetation painter I do not get odd shadows. But other that that O_O I’m loving this. All automatically done outside of painting trees and rocks. Which is a lot faster now that the other vegetation do not have to be painted with it!

very nice, I look forward to the tutorials !