[WIP] Arkhammer 40,000

Arkhammer 40,000 is an ambitious project to incorporate as much of Warhammer 40,000 into Ark as I can.

The Grimdark invasion of the arks begins now

Now with 87% more Bolter! Laugh as your shot explodes in a dino’s face!

Currently also contains several helmets and one pair of rigged boots used for testing, all are untextured.
Adepta Sororitas armor set initial testing, fit to female only.
All items still needs some re-sizing.
(Other assets in the file are in-progress at best, and will not work.)
(Bolt ammo explosion mostly cosmetic, atm.)
(No attempts at balance are in place yet, nothing is remotely final yet.)

Current status

  • Testing which types of assets I am able to get into the game.

F.A.Q. - Am I serious?
Yes! (Disclaimers and FAQs and Credits Oh my!)

Full conversion?
It’s possible! Still in testing, but with the release of total conversion modding capabilities, the goal of this mod has become much larger :slight_smile:

But if it works, will you do more?
Yes! (I have limited existing assets to test next.)

What are you planning?
New armor, melee, and ranged weaponry are the focus.

Yes! Bolter and chainsword right now, more on the way.

Other types of armor?
Yes! Adepta Sororitas and multiple Astartes chapters in progress, Terminator and possibly scout to follow.

Other races?
Not yet. (Not possible to add races or similar options yet - will re-visit with total conversion.)

Not yet???
Once this process is working I will consider adding other things.
(Various experiments underway to test what else I can bring in.)

all i can say is have fun, you’ve a long way to go

Indeed, this project will never be able to fit it all, and even what I can do already will take years to implement, especially alone. It will be released as a mod once it’s fun and stable, but likely will never be complete.