[WIP] Ark Revise - Improve your PvE gameplay



Here is the mod that i make to improve my own server gameplay.
Here is the current server that i added the mod to play with my friend (so only set it at 10 slot :stuck_out_tongue: )


If any of you have some time to test this out, i would be really appreciated

Feel free to comment below for idea to improve this mod further :slight_smile: or any bug that you encounter

Current DevKit Version: 193
Current Game Version: 196

Current Features (Partially Tested):

Future Plan












Initial Release

Updated Note

NICE WORK!!! You have definitely made some significant changes, good job!

Thanks :slight_smile: Will be adding more advance stuff as i learn more about dev kit :slight_smile:
Right now experiencing with some event graph (trying to make dino death body trigger carnivores to come for it - further range)
Trying to find where to get the “taming” status so carnivores will attract to your taming dino (if you plan to tame it in the wild without having a proper pen for it :stuck_out_tongue: )

This is a verya nice idea! By the way: I guess, spoiled meat can spoil. After a time, spoiled meat will become something like earth and some kind of liquid, produced from fly maggots. And when I lay some meat on a grill, for some days ore more, it will be spoiled.

more like dried up to me :smiley: (all the liquid is out)
If you leave raw meat out for a long time, it will spoil but will become something disgusting and last really really long time (some sort of mess)
definitely not 1-2 days :smiley: more like 10+ (which convert to game is kinda forever already :stuck_out_tongue: - but i will prob modify the spoil time to become at least 5-10 days in game)

Cool :slight_smile: This will have a good realism, nice! :slight_smile:

Update current features list and current future plan (on request)
Wish they have spoiler tag :confused:

Sounds very good, i hope more mods copy your great ideas.

Update 1.3.1

Update 1.4.0