[WIP] Arcturus (Kinect Motion capture fighter)

Been working on a game by myself for 3 years…here’s some fresh screenies…just to get some awareness out therecheif_thundertron__cyber_shaman_by_neogzus-d8rxep9.jpg

I’ve been toying with taking it to a 3rd person tactical shooter…but I’m more interested in seeing it as a kung fu action motion capture based fighter…Hoping to get a grant to help buy the motion capture equipment and a new computer

I only have a few rigged characters(that still need work) and over 70gb of assets (+/-) …but that’s a good start…just need to get animating…but wish I had help on this as well…so if any one is interested and skilled at ue4, I’m open to whoever is into CYBERNETIC ACTION and SHAMANISM

View more of my progress at
Thanks for looking :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoy the ride

This looks really interesting. What kind of combat system do you plan on developing? I understand it is a kung fu action inspired game, but what are the gameplay mechanics going to be like?

Im a self taught animator and have been using Ue4 for a little while now. Ive never mo-caped anything myself but would love to start. Ive cleaned up some raw mo-cap data however, and have moderate experience in Maya and Motion-builder. Id love to talk and maybe considering helping! :smiley:

Heres a video of what Ive done so far, to give you a quick idea of my skillset.