(WIP) Architectural Viz optimized for Oculus Rift (with demo)

Hey guys! here is a Arch viz that i’m working on:
Runs 75fps in oculus rift with no jutter (Is there a way to get higher fps than that?)
In standalone game it runs 170 to 200 fps without the Oculus.

Lightmap is in preview mode and with just a few asset 512+ lightmap size

My specs:


My rift runs in 37.5 Fps Fixe

Confir: 16 Gb Ram. Core i7 2.600 3.4Gz VGA: AMD R9 280 3Gb 384 Bit. Whitout Fift runs in 140 and 155 FPS

Hey man, dont know exactly what can be happening to you, but here the worst part of the scene where the fps drops the most i got 220 fps (I was wrong earlier, 175 to 200 was when I didnt have some optimizations done).
Anyway, with oculus turned on i got 75 fps. If you download “MSI afterburner” or Rivaturner you could identify the bottleneck of your system. I’m sure there’s some commandline in unreal that could be even more useful.

This looks amaaaaaaaaazing!

Looks great! 75 fps is the maximum for the DK2 because that is the refresh rate of the screen and they want it to match up perfectly. Your non-VR framerate is about the same as ours too. Gotta love that 970!