[WIP] Apocalypse: Floodgates

Hello Gamers and Devs,

My name is Dillon and I am the founder of a small indie studio called RetroRave, LLC. I am extremely excited to announce Apocalypse: Floodgates which is the Debut title set to be released very soon on Steam. Mindless Carnage, fast-paced action. Apocalypse: Floodgates, or AFG for short, is a Third-Person Zombie Horde Shooter featuring post-apocalyptic weapons and deadly man made traps. Play online with up to four friends or simply play alone and see how many zombie horde waves you can take down. Activate the planted traps set on each level to make it easier to shred through zombies. Plant explosives or toss a Molotov Cocktail to cause ultimate damage. How many infected zombie waves can you take down?

Official Gameplay Trailer: Apocalypse: Floodgates Gameplay Trailer

Official Website: http://www.retroravellc.com

Steam Store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1838900/Apocalypse_Floodgates/

Features Include:

  • Non-Stop, Fast-Paced Action that will Constantly keep you Moving and Shooting.

  • Use over 14 Different Military Style Guns to Mow Down Hordes of Zombies.

  • Throw or Plant over 10 Types of Explosives to Blow up Groups of Zombies.

  • Two Game Modes: Capped Wave Count or Unlimited Waves.

  • Play as 4 Different Warriors during your Fight.

  • Use over 6 Post-Apocalyptic Style Melee Weapons to beat down Zombies at Close Range.

  • Use In-Game Silver Currency to Activate Planted Traps and Shred up Zombies from afar.

  • Features 3 Post-Apocalyptic Style Environments.

  • Heal Yourself or Take Less Damage by Using Medicine in Battle.

  • Shoot Down Hundreds of Different Zombies including Large Experimental Monsters.

  • Team Up Online with up to Four Friends.

  • Scoring System with Leaderboard.

  • In-Game Chat Communication System.

  • Partial Controller Support.

Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdd8WkP7ccsWJYR-QkNqlKA

Official Discord Server: Discord

Contact RetroRave: retroravellc@protonmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to check out Apocalypse: Floodgates! I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield and on the Discord servers.



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Apocalypse: Floodgates will be available this April 7th! Add to your Wishlist HERE!

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Greetings, @RetroRaveLLC; I hope you’re doing well! “Apocalypse: Floodgates” looks great from what I saw in the trailer! Congrats to you and your team on making it this far on your developing journey! :grin: