[WIP] APMine

Anti Personnel Mine

Im working on a Anti Personnel Mine Mod for ARK.

The Mine will give dammage to all pawns within the mines blast zone. Closer to the mine you are more dammage you will get.
The Mine has is its own model and has its own simpe animations. (“No duplication of other weapon meshes”)
Some assest like the particles and some sounds has been used tho.

This is still in WIP but not far from release. This will be my 1st mod in Ue4/Ark so be kind on me.

I have come to the point where i need to define the crafing cost and requirements.
So i like to get your suggestion and thought on 3 things.

1 * Level required to unlock.
2 * The amount of recources it should cost to build it.
3 * General amouint of dammage it should do, like. take down a player ok. take down a rex. not ok. or give some values if you prefere.

If youre woundering if there will be a Narcotic gas version. there will be :stuck_out_tongue:

- Todo -

  • Fix The Texure.
  • Add new Texures for New versions.

- Planned -

  • Cause Chain reaction if the Mines are placed to close to eachohter

A Quick WIP Video

Love it !

Mines are pretty advanced weapons so it should be craftable around lvl 60 in my opinion.

I’m loving the mine man, TRULY great idea! If you want to go for pure realism, a “bouncing betty” mine jumps up to chest/head height of a person and truly obliterates them, so a 1 shot kill is not “unheard of”. For fair gameplay (and fun of course) I would recommend shooting for a damage value that will wound your average high level player (200-250 damage, and don’t forget to account for the effects of flak armor) and most likely kill your lower leveled player.

As for cost, something that can be hidding and concealed in the tall grass and inflict massive damage, it would be wise to make it very costly to build. Somewhere around 30-45 gunpowder, 50 metal, 15 cementing paste. Honestly though, don’t hesitate to set it at whatever you feel comfortable, because you can always adjust it based on player feedback later.

The biggest thing you can do though is FULLY test it (hit yourself with them while wearing the different armors, at different levels with different stats, on a dino, wild dinos… etc)

Super cool :slight_smile:

Hi Guys.
Back with a small update.

Took me a while. but i had to rewrite the entire blueprints to make in fully MP compatible.
Had issues getting animations synced over the network etc, but this is sorted out now.

I have added a chain reaction function for the APMines if they are placed too close to eachother.
Hopefully it will be ready for the workshop soon.

that small jump really adds to this :smiley: Great job man, i hope they implement this or something similar into ark

nice work :slight_smile:

just a little thing that i see : since they are a little big if you need to walk on them to explode it will render them not so usefull vs other player other than in wild with many foliage no? ^^

Thanks for your input.
wazalop, Yes they are a bit big.
I will try and scale them down a bit and also put them more into the ground. That will defently make them much harder to spot.
Although i dont want to make them too hidden/hard to see.
I think people should have a chance to spot them and take them out if they can.


Made it so that when the APMine gets hit. there is a 50% chance it will jump or not.
same if its triggered in a chain reaction.

reduced the scale a bit and put it a little more into the ground.

But im still having issues getting hit registrations from projectiles.
I need to figure out why example a arrow cant do dammage to the mine.