WIP : APEX Plugin & Full Dynamic Light without Lightmass build :)

WIP : APEX Plugin & Full Dynamic Light without Lightmass build :slight_smile: UE 4.7.1


This looks really nice. The lighting is beautiful. One critique for you though: The movement of the cloth curtains does not feel natural. They look like they are being held up with a nearly constant gust of wind. I haven’t had a chance to use Apex cloth much yet so my comments might not be relevant but if I were doing this in Maya or something, I would say that your “wind field” needs turbulence added to it.

tnx. i can’t create a nature wind. for example : 5s wind … 2s not wind … again loop … you can help me ?

I wish I could. I haven’t had the time to get into Apex yet. You might consider using a Shader trick instead. The effects you can get with World Offset are pretty amazing. Take a look at the Desert Rally Race scene from the “Learn” section of the UE4 Launcher. There is a flag in there with some very realistic wind motion all done with world offset. You could tweak the example to have less frequency and fall off with a gradient for your curtains. This is the flag I am referring to:

Ah man this is good.

Who cares about apex tell us what you did to light those scenes!
I’m guessing a lot of area lights with distance field shadows enabled (since there’s a lot of penumbra around the bed area) but I could be wrong.

Great job!