[WIP] Anime/Toon Stylized Shading Model

4.26 version is up :>

Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!

Hello, I downloaded the repo a couple days ago, but tbh, I never made any changes to the base engine so I’m confused but would really like to try this look that you have. (I think it looks fantastic btw) Is there by chance you can point me in the right direction in how to set this up?

Nevermind! I figured it out! The work you did here is super impressive!! I really like it ^^

Hey sorry I didn’t see your post. Looks like the new forum software broke my thread subscription so I don’t get notified when people post here anymore.

I’m glad to hear you got it working. I’d update the OP with new instructions since nearly all of it is out of date, but post editing got broken too last year and Epic doesn’t seem interested in fixing it.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the shading model :>

this looks incredible. will try out soon as I am looking for robust shaders. Is it possible to add rimlight color (similar to botw) and maybe specular highlights in future as an option? Perhaps even multiple bands. Just some ideas that may be cool.

This is a very old thread that only covers old versions, you can find the new one here:

To answer your question: Since shadow colour in this shading model outputs a literal value it opens it up the ability to make those effects easily within the material graph and define how they behave in light and shadow.