WIP AMV Patria

Finally i managed to make low poly and try to texture it, some tweaking and then import to UE4, will try to make good use of blueprints and try to get it moving

When you do your high poly, you need to exaggerate the edge roundness so it shows up on the normal map. At the moment a lot of the panels and details look pretty flat, and because there is (righly) no lighting information in your diffuse, from the looks of it, the texture appears quite dull.

I would recommend rendering an AO and Cavity map - that will help the plates ‘pop’ a little more, and make the texture more interesting. Also there is a slight seam issue on the tyres.

Thank you for reply AO map is in diffuse but i toned it down, will try with cavity map.
I will tweak texture some more before import, any comment is appreciated.

Try rendering a cavity map with nDo, using your normals. You may get some good results from that.

For a PBR workflow, by the way, your AO should not be in your diffuse. Your diffuse/albedo/base colour is just colour information - the AO is stored as a separate black and white texture. If you look in the UE4 material editor you’ll see a separate input for it.

hm thank you on that information, i didn’t know that is no more overlaying AO in DIFFUSE, so UE4 use this albedo maps instead of diffuse ?
Is it good to use cavity on albedo maps, or just to use separate texture for cavity ?
Can i use alpha channel for AO on diffuse / albedo map ?
Thank you

That’s right - the maps you put into the engine (with the exception of emissive and AO) shouldn’t have any lighting information baked into them. In a PBR workflow, diffuse is generally called Albedo or Base Colour instead, to highlight this difference.

The cavity should be combined with the AO, since the AO is the only place you should ‘bake in’ any shadowing information. You can put the AO map in the alpha of the diffuse.

First test in Unreal 4 engine, and its completely done with blueprints, i’m sad that Unreal 4 still can’t support 8 wheels or more, i managed to fake 4 wheels with animation blueprint but only rotation movement i still didn’t find way to make wheels move on Z axis, so until next release where i hope that there will be support for more wheels this is only solution.

Also i cannot replicate engine sounds from Buggy game i’m missing a node how to achieve that, currently im using a pitch modifier inside blueprints to make sounds and its awful but still its better than idle sound

If anyone have a way to do proper 8 wheels with Unreal 4 / 4.4 release please email me.
Also it tried to replicate engine sounds from Buggy game but i’m missing a node in sound editor, how to make Sound Node Vehicle Engine, if anyone discovered that please share it.

I want to make it Amphibious, i discovered thruster in Unreal 4 and i think that they can be hooked up and used to propel vehicle on water but how to make it float, i don’t have even a idea how to make it float.
If anyone have idea please tell me how to make it Amphibious with blueprints please share it

Looking good, can’t wait to see it with materials.

To make it float there is a tutorial if you look around, someone has a video on dynamic water with waves and how to snap your z position to the wave height and add some trace points so the bouancy looks correct. Might be C++ can’t remember atm.

Thnx for comment will search that tutorial, currently im working on materials, materials even in UDK were my weakness, so i have some problems to get that right look

Very nice video there!

Awesome job so far RaPtOr_v9600. The only issue I would point out is that I believe that the turret is a bit fast with its movements. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us updated as you progress along with this project!

Thank you, all for comments for shure i will tweak a movement and speed of vehicle.
if anybody can tell me where is Vehicle dust, it should be in miscellaneous\data assets but i cant find him, is that specific to buggy game ? and also blueprint for impact sounds and effects, it seems that this type of blueprints and data assets only exists in Bugy example game

Second test, i lost a lot time trying to make it amphibious, and didn’t quite figure it out how to do it.
When im finished i will try it to release on market, hope you enjoy video.

Added destroyed mesh and give basic health to the vehicle,
I easily figured out how to implement critical hits to engine, ( vehicle to be immobilized ) similar one in Battlefield 4, almost finished with this one, any comments are appreciated.
But still cant make it amphibious i think that i will skip that part until i find easier way to implement that
Soon final video,

3d test, i think that i will finish with this one and start on another vehicle it was fun working with blueprints but i spent more on blueprints then actually modeling, texturing the model

Very nice videos, well done!

thank you currently im working on another vehicle so this one i refined a little bit, i want to make drivable vehicle pack for a market release, but a lot of work is needed

Hey RaPtOr,

Any news on this vehicle pack you mentioned? These videos you have posted are great! The Little Bird asset you are working on looks amazing as well. This pack would be a day-1 purchase for me :smiley: