[WIP] Ambit

Hi UE4 Community,

This is our first post because for the last 3 months we were very busy creating working game environments and a playable demo of a small part of our game. We are planning to release the game in 2016, that however depends on if we get funded or not. We’d like to show you our work in progress. Be gentle, this is only 2 guys 3 months in lol

AMBIT is a unique 3rd person action adventure RPG game heavily driven by its story. In this game you are on a mysterious and dramatic journey into the past of a forgotten and ancient world.

We challenge the player with mechanics based around survival, physical and logical puzzle solving and combat. Our main character needs to learn and upgrade his skills in order to continue his search for his missing family member.

Here are some images of our game created from scratch and 100% home brewed :slight_smile:

Dark Forest 7a.jpg

Here is game play video

[video]AMBIT- Pre Alpha Game Play - YouTube

Let us know your thoughts
Mike and Roman

Looking good for a pre alpha, better then some paid Betas on steam. :slight_smile:
The cutscenes/camera zoom are nice.

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That Video was so amazing! Like! So ****ing amazing! You are on the right way!

This looks brilliant! Holy hell! Can’t wait to see more!

Wow, that video is great. Really polished for pre alpha.

Thanks Guys! Much appreciated! There is still a lot to do including complex underground levels. Right now we are testing and adding our AI and in game bow combat mechanics.

We created a trailer introducing our daytime you can check it out at
zebikmedia.com or
AMBIT by Zebik Media — Kickstarter


New in game character development

Thanks :slight_smile: