[WIP] Alphax3d : Blood Fire & Magic - RPG adventure

Hello everyone
My name is Angy(Angelica) and I have a project up to start november 2014.

I am italian and use for semplify translate with google translate

:(sorry for my english translated with google translate. thanks in advance

My project is an RPG adventure
Developed in all blueprint to time without adding code

I made some videos Wip (chronological order):




combat weapons mode

for combat magic mode wait only one week
engine and software we use:

engine3d: EU4 fired - Unreal engine 4.7.1 free use

  • Blender - gimp - MakeHuman
    languages: node blueprint and possibly C ++

Project: Open world action RPG-adventure - game point and click with topdown and FirstPerson.

Incipit: One morning, on a seemingly deserted island, a man wakes up alone on a beach after a shipwreck, has nothing with it 'and wears a simple suit torn brown. Lost and aimless must 'find out where it is, the memory does not help him, and seems to wander around the beach without encountering even a shadow human or animal. On its way will meet ‘people who will help him to find himself and his origins but it will not be’ simply because ‘will have’ some unpleasant surprises and must 'solve many puzzles that will complicate his long journey. Engaging storyline and full of surprises.

Sites to see and images we have not published because ‘the project came from only 4 months with the intention of experiencing precisely the techniques to be used and so’ define new workflow of next generation
but if you are really interested to know more about the project and its development Contact me Angy in this forum or private message.

Thanks for your interest
say what you think please


hello da angy

Wip Image for blueprint ( only bp) only kit topdown bp - no other kit third party -


Another image for first person in the next post

thanks for attention

you can ask questions and I will gladly answer for improving the project
both technically and graphically


other image for Inventory with BP and first person

thanks for attention

please you ask questions and I will galdly answer for improving the project
both technically and graphically for best working .


other wip



other wip



You’ve done a lot already for just 4 months; Keep it up.
I’d suggest however to avoid code mixing english with other languages. If you plan to work developing software/games use your projects to practice english too, it’s important. Comment in english, name variables english words, etc.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I have always worked in the computer world and I have always compared with unreal engine since he was born, I often worked with kismet and with bp I am really very well, more 'I have so much time to study and very different techniques modeling and c ++ programming.

:slight_smile: with the suggestion, keep in view to proceed in the best possible way to use the English language.

Follow my progress in the project and can comment freely so ‘can’ try to improve again

For practical use but hopefully translate to more 'soon to get some help from someone who writes and translates what I write better
Currently use google translate and it is not the best thing to do.:frowning:
I’m sorry, and in time I’ll find 'the solution.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

cheers :slight_smile:


My Works : this video only for hobby not for sale


Hey guys!
I’m Francesco and I am the Game Designer of this small team with big dreams :slight_smile: Actually my focus is the story and I’m writing the main quests that you’ll find during the game. As you can see from the images, the project is at its beginning stage but the works are going on very well. I hope that you will appreciate this game and stay tuned for more updates about mechanics, graphic and story! :smiley:

Hi I am a 3D artisan of team and I want to introduce this wip.
Thank you in advance for any comment.


Hi Guys

Update project with other features wip :

Previous create Animation and Programming AI and complete bot for scene

thanks for attention


Holy cow Angelica, really nice project you have there!

The use of MakeHuman obviuosly helped, but I strongly suggest you to upgrade the shaders and overall texture quality on the characters later on in development.

Looking forward for any news, ottimo lavoro davvero :wink:

PS: Ciao Fafri :stuck_out_tongue:

PS2: Create a FB/Twitter/Blog page with the team and some other stuff, I think it will be appreciated :wink:

Thank you very much for comment :smiley:
I decide working the first moment only gameplay and function global for test because check test for better workflow :wink: WIP
Finally worked for better shader and better graphics .:cool:
I’m sorry for my english ( not google translate in this post today) ( visto che siamo italiani potremo parlarne meglio su skype: AngyReal- italy)

thank you for attention and for your help/comment

edit for PS2 : For the various blogs and social look to be sure you have all the functional elements to confirm that the game will also be followed by aid management. Currently they are too focused on the project and I could not keep up with both things.:slight_smile:

Ciao Nicolas :smiley:
As Angy said actually she is focusing on the mechanics, when everything will be ready, the team will improve animation, graphics ecc. When the project will step up we’ll start to make a larger communication through Social and dedicated sites. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

how’s it going?
AI engages a bit but here are some interesting wip
Comments and suggestions are always welcome


everything works?
is, in part, is still to be fixed but soon publish 'the first video

thanks for attention


looks really good, and your making great progress in such short time :slight_smile:

Wow this would be great as opensource :o or buyable source… Fine work u did here :3

I thinking :smiley:
First I would like to bring the project to a level objectively concrete realizations and then decide
I check the programming and I like it, if it proceeds so ‘surely it will be’ taken into account.
it is still early but I’m working with passion and continuity :cool:
I hope with all my heart that UE4 remains stable and has no surprises in the future, I am now very happy to use a engine fantastic and I feel safe to continue with it.
Thank very much - i’m sorry for my english with google translate :frowning:


thanks very much for comment :slight_smile:
I have much time to devote to the project for luck.
I have always been a supporter of UDK and unreal engine following manuals, documentation and tutorials.
UE4 is fantastic and really helps to find simple solutions but really functional.


comment quote for reply , i am confuse :confused: with other post :smiley:

thanks very much for comment
I have much time to devote to the project for luck.
I have always been a supporter of UDK and unreal engine following manuals, documentation and tutorials.
UE4 is fantastic and really helps to find simple solutions but really functional.