[WIP/Almost early access on Steam] Breaking Wheel

Decided this could use a thread with it’s actual name now :stuck_out_tongue:

Breaking wheel is what happens when one decides to learn unreal and the best way to learn is making a game. Luckily we had a pretty good asset pack to start with as many will see (Infinity Blade assets) and it kind of grew from there. The basics are simple, left, right, jump, and then it went straight up insane. We now have boss fights, tons of skin customization, coffee that increases your max speed/acceleration/jump height, and we just broke our ■■■■■ making it moddable :stuck_out_tongue: The player can also have the axis of their player shifted allowing us to make full 3d playable levels.

We are going to early access December 11th come hell or highwater, the game currently has 32 finished level (A few in need of optimization but we should get to that before early access) and we plan to hit at least 35 on early access, the end goal is 50 total. The levels can be normal, hardcore, or bonus, the normal allowing for 3 different difficulty’s and hardcore being a one shot kills. bonus is anything that didn’t really fit into the game but we decided to do for fun or learning, such as a pinball level, or a arena where you chain fight monsters.

Latest Devlog thingy where I was having fun with our half buggy 2nd (I think maybe 3rd) steam build

Oh to note, we are planning/hoping to go to mobile and consoles as well with it in the future :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Almost there (Ignore that release date rofl)


Lol T-Minus 3 days (We hope) wrapping everything up and uploading and getting out tutorial vids on how to mod etc soon


Welp it’s still technically a WIP but it’s also on steam now :slight_smile:

Game got a big update on steam, pretty much done with little if any bugs, back to work finishing the last of the levels