[WIP] AdvancedSteam Plugin - Blueprint support

AdvancedSteam is Code plugin to make you easy to implement steamstats and leaderboard, achievement on blueprint. Of course, you can use it in C++. It expands OnlineSubSystemSteam. It fixed some bugs. If you combine Steam stat with leaderboard, achievement, you can create dynamic tables with float and integer stat. You can set/get multiple stats at once. It’s fully working as asynchronous tasks.

Available in Marketplace : https://www.unrealengine.com/marketp…edsteam-plugin

Steam leaderboard and stats demo

Steam Achievement demo

Steam Leaderboard
Read Leaderboard Integer
Write Leaderboard Integer
Retrieve Leaderboard
Steam Stats
Read Stats
Set team Stat
Increase Stat
Steam Achievements
Read Achievements
Get Achievement Icon
Get Cached Achievement
Set Progress
Unlock Achievement
Clear Achievement
Get AvatarIcon

Steam Cloud
Write Cloud
Read Cloud

Engine Compatibility
4.13 - 4.20
Intended Platform : Window, Mac
Platforms Tested : Window, Mac

Steam Leaderboard and stat manual : Advanced Steam Plugin(LeaderBoard) - Google Docs
Steam Achievement manual : Advanced Steam Plugin(Achievements) - Google Docs
Example Project: github.com/woodsshin/AdvancedSteamSample

very nicely done, will save so much time, good job. when you planning release

Hopely it will be released within a month. In the meanwhile, UGC was added. Multiple files can be attached after compressed.
Unreal replay can be attached on Steam leaderboard.

Has this been released yet? Would be really useful :slight_smile:

Do you plan to add trading support? :slight_smile:

Sure. I will after integrating inventory.

This is great ! I’ll follow it closely :slight_smile:

Submitted 3 weeks ago and got feed back last week. It seemed the last stage to release!

Has this been released yet?

Hey. Epic’s code review finished last week and asked me to modify a chunk of codes. I submitted it again. Hopely it will be released soon. Buy the way this is 4.16. I will submit other version soon. The only difference is build.cs.

Really looking forward to this, Currently busy setting up the steam side of things in our project. Once this comes out I will definitely get this. Great job man

Seems like the content creator of UWorks was unable to submit his package on the marketplace because of some steam terms of agreement and the included dll’s. Something in that line, you might want to check out that thread as you very well may also run into that with your plugin.

This plugin doesn’t include dll. I confirmed it’s working with steam sdk 1.36 and 1.38 which are built in UE4.

Awesome to hear. Do you have estimate of when your plugin will be available on the marketplace ?

Hopely it will be in a few weeks. If not, gumroad is an option.

Awesome, Hopefully it gets released on the unreal marketplace, If not I will pick it up on gumroad. If it takes too long I will probably end up coding itself though. Our game is almost at the steam integration stage. Best of luck.

Ouu man Thanks good!

I pay steam direct few days ago and when go to start i did discovery that the Unreal 4 tools and documentacion for steam is full missing.
I can make a full game with blueprints and the easy part to sell the game become a hell.

I hope see this soon

Hey , how much will it cost if you put it in gumroad or ue4 mp?

Any updates for this plugin? will you be selling it on gumroad ? very eager to get this!

It’s $89.99.