[WIP] 3rdPerson Shooter & RogueLite Elements

Third PersonShooter
RogueLite Elements

Fight the raiders, save the prisoners and form them as your crew. Develop your vessel and increase your might with your looted treasures.

Play the current version : ShootOut Screenshot 2021-02-05 185810.jpg

*ShoutOut [CodeName] WIP, that means you can test the game as it is but it's under heavy development, the demo/test version is published for players to help in the process.*
  • By finding bugs and report them
  • By giving feedback, feelings, ideas, opinions…
  • By making video streams that greatly help building a superior User Experience
  • By having fun and share with everyone, helping marketing

  • The world:

22nd century, there are still remains from the 21st and even from the 20th. But the 22nd century came with its own Revolution: Interstellar travels. Humankind is now in the process of colonizing a whole new world.
You’re a Space Scavenger. Cleaning all abandoned space stations of their remains.

  • The maps:

There is a Procedural Dungeon system implemented. Manage your team in your Headquarter, then decide your next mission.

  • The Weapons:

Pistols, Revolvers, Assault Rifles, ShotGuns, Sniper Rifles, Syringe Guns, Grenades, Drones… You’ll find the one fitting your style!

  • The Squad/Team:

Find and rescue civilians. If they survive, they will improve and serve you as backfire or healer.

The game fully support GamePad or Mouse/KB
For basic control, please, refer to ingame Menu->Settings->Controls accessible on the Main Menu or by pressing Esc/Select.

Some specials:

  • Aim+Jump will perform a dodgy roll
  • Reload with weapon holstered to eat/drink and restore Stamina
  • Syringe Gun: Reload when already loaded to cycle through toxins
  • Syringe Gun: Pull the trigger whithout aiming to Self Heal
  • *Squad: **F/RightShoulder *will toggle squad orders follow/Stay
  • *Squad: Holding **F/RightShoulder *to order squad to “Advance”

Play the current version : ShootOut

Thank you for participating to this project!

Published a hotfix, damage was not calculated correctly + some minor tweaks.

New build : 05082020

  • Added Speech system
  • Added Shop system
  • Added Firearms sounds (quality/quantity)
  • Added Holster animations
  • Added reload animations
  • Lot of bugs fix

There is a crash occuring after a while if using the button “Resume” in the GameMenu (EscapeMenu).

A fix will be pushed in the next build, meanwhile don’t use it.

Instead use Esc to toggle it.

New build 05152020:

  • Added CloseCombat
  • Added GamePad support
  • Added KeyBinding
  • Fixed a lot of bugs of various importance

Build 05 22 2020
Play the current very private version : ShootOut
Password: DeDiJoLo

Added : Death Mechanic
Bots will die from bleedout or can be deathblowed

Added : Bot drop equipment on downed

Improved AI
Bots will eventually try to heal downed squad members, if healed they will seek lost equipment

Added : Localization Francais

Added : Aim Assist in Menu>Settings>Game

Added : Sniper Rifle

Whole lot of bugs fixes, tweaks… and new bugs

It seems to be very nice :slight_smile: I will follow proression, congrats for now!

Thank you ! :slight_smile:
Next week shall be more on the narration system !

Play the current very private version : ShootOut
Password: DeDiJoLo

  • Added Save System
  • Added Map Transition
  • Added Interior map GrandHotel
  • Added Interior map Cantina
  • Added Interior map PoliceStation
  • Added Interior map SevenSidesCorp
  • Added Interior map Brothel

Nice It looks good ! : D

Thanks ! Beautifullness is due to marketplace stuff :slight_smile: **Build 06-05-2020 “A kind of population”**
Play the current very private version : ShootOut
Password: DeDiJoLo

  • Added Population to MainMap
  • Added Population to Cantina
  • Added Population to PoliceStation
  • Added Item PickUps Persistence through MapTravel and SaveGame
  • lot of bug fixes, tweaks… and new bugs

i like the fact that yuor building UE4 san andreas or GTA5 well hehe ya know : )

Ahah ! I see what you mean ! Did not realize there were this atmosphere. GTA Vice City also :smiley:
I try to do with what I got or can afford, and I don’t want to go with too much details or it would be a nightmare to build.
It’s already a lot of work as it is for a one man team with sub standard hardware :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment !

I published a Hotfix, Hostile AI was inoperative.

​If you cant be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

Last week was more about behind the scene update.

I did some optimization, solidified what I got so far, cleaned the code.

This build is about Player Party. Player have the oportunity to recruit team mates whom will fight for their leader and protect him/her.

For now, there are three police officer ready to join player’s party at the entrance of the police station. Just ask :slight_smile:

Play the current very private version : ShootOut

Password: DeDiJoLo

Stamina System & Rest

Play the current very private version : ShootOut

Password: DeDiJoLo

In this build I added a stamina system. Unlike usually seen in this genre, this Stat is a long term one. It symbolize what the player can achieve, energy wise, in a full day.

It will be a major concern when exploring wild areas or “dungeon”. Hit Points regeneration is directly tied to Stamina, from 100% to 0%, meaning when Player is exhausted he won’t regen any HP.

When exhausted Player won’t be able to sprint, jump or climb, also.

There are two (for now, chemicals will come later) ways to restaure Stamina : Resting in a bed and consuming food/drink.

The game has an AutoSave feature. It is triggered when travelling (loading screen) safe places and also when sleeping.

It saves weapons, ammunitions, HP, Stamina, party members and some other suff. Loading a game spawn Player in his/her current shelter.

Please, try it out and leave me a word :slight_smile:

Narration First Round

Hi folks !

This week was quite rough, whole a lotta work.

I worked on a key feature of the game : narration.

I had to solve a lot of logic, to create a system as versatile as I could to be able to write & implement narration efficiently and quick.

Also I had to think ahead, because that is only the first round, the basic - I’d like to implement a very unique way of telling stories.

My goal is to be able to manage four stories, with choices that really matter in the whole thing. This build is the fondation : Narration can be created quite fast, with states being saved …

Next week, this will be expanded, stay tuned :slight_smile:

I also added some minor tweaks and fixes…

Notably you’ll now see an exclamation mark when Bots have something to say. Also, they will wait one second before talking, so if you just cross them you won’t be annoyed.

Play the current version : ShootOut

Narration Second Round Play the current version : ShootOut

The narration system is coming together.

It is quite easy and fast to add squences, now. Also a first rough is operational for choices during sequences.

Please note that for now the story is fully improvised on the fly, just to test the versatility of the system.

I’m quite happy how this second round turned out, the first one almost put me on my knees :smiley:

Still a third one is needed for next week, then back on the gameplay.

Also I added a basic Graphics settings slider.

And as usual, fixed some bugs, tweaked some features. Play the current version : ShootOut

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


This week is about whole lotta fixes and tweaks. And some additions. Play the current version : ShootOut


  • Squad Order System.

Squad will be a key feature in the final game. There will squad management, and leveling system for them later. Some Player “build” (when the skill system will be up and running) could be centered on that aspect instead of personal fighting capacity, or even both.

  • Added Save of Squad Members appearance.

You’ll keep your buddies as they are wherever you go.

For now there are 4 orders :

  • Stay
  • Follow
  • Advance : Bots will try to stay in front of their leader
  • Retreat : Bots will try to stay behind their leader

To access Squad order the default input is F for Keyboard and GamePad Right Shoulder

If you already played the game you’ll have to access the settings->Controls to initiate it :

Also, Mouse/Keyboarders can use shortcuts Numpad1, Numpad2, Numpad3, Numpad4 (will eventually be rebindable).

  • Crash to desktop in some occurence on killed Bot
  • Fixed AI hearing Sense, they will be more responsive beware
  • Fixed an annoying little bug preventing from waking up from bed

I discovered that the save system was kinda screwed some assets would save once and never again. Not really visible until you played a while.

  • Food PickUps and Bots will now respawn as intended.
  • Ennemy Waves will now be saved correctly.


  • Added a Message when Ennemy are spawning (thx Invadererik)
  • Added Ammunitions description for spawned bots drops (thx invadererik again)


Voila for this week! Play the current version : ShootOut

A big thanks for all who read, a bigger to those who played, an even bigger for those who left feebacks and bug reports!

You gotta work what you got

Play the current version : ShootOut

Hello everyone !
Squad/Team Management

Squad is defined as your partners in the field, Team is defined as the pool of buddies you lead be it in your squad or at your HQ.

Today I solidified the Squad System. Improving AI response and added a dedicated window for Squad Mamnagement in the **GameMenu **(Esc/Gamepad Special Left). There you can:

  • Release : send the bot back to your starting spawning point. In the future there will be requirement to access this: you will need a HeadQuarter, a certain Rank in Leadership and a bot Rank 2+.
  • revoke: fire the bot forever
  • Select a weapon for the bot to use. This will also be restricted in the future.

Skill & advancement

Introducing the base of the skill system. There are a total of 6 skills, 2 for each categories which are : Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

  1. FireArms will improve your personal ability to use these weapons and unlocks them.
  2. CloseCombat, same as above
  3. Science for the use of biological and chimical tools such as poisons, heal, crowd control…
  4. Technic for the use of high technology tools such as drones, terminal hacking, Hitech weapons…
  5. Speech will help you seduce, bribe, threaten and bargain.
  6. Leadership will be needed to grow a large and healthy crowd to help you.


I began to work on a journal to display your advancement in the story, it is dispayed here and also on the MainMenu.

A good part of this week was working on the UI. I cleaned it a lot, and made it as flexible as I could to be able to beautify it later.

You’ll notice the new Icons in place of texts in the Hud.

Please leave feedback, impressions, bug reports, streamed session, kind words! It is really appreciated, usefull and encouraging!
It is mandatory to delete any previous SaveGame, sorry for the trouble.

I made change in the Save System adding new variables, deleting others ect. This will be usual in this early phase, sorry again.

Thx for reading :slight_smile:

Play the current version : ShootOut