[WIP] 360 video & photo recorder (What do you think?)

Hi all!

I’m developing an UE4 tool, which works like almost any other kind of Camera, to be able to easily capture 360 videos and/or high resolution screenshots, (with your usual workflow!). So it works with Sequencer, Media exporter, High Res system, etc.

Only limitation is that some kind of screen space based post process effects can cause artifacts, so it’s recommended to disable them (like Screen Space Reflections, dynamic Ambient Occlusion…)

After spotting some 360 suuuuuper overpriced recorders / capturers into the Marketplace, I have decided to create this one, planned to be sold by a much lower price. In addition, as commented, it can fit your usual workflow, as it work’s like a common camera, so it’s a quite simple blueprint but quite powerful, having a big simplicity/power ratio.

What do you think about its capabilities?

Thank you and best regards!

I really hope you don’t charge much for this considering I just put up a tutorial on how to do this for free including the ability to stereo 360 on my YouTube channel ‘All Things 3D’. Also, I have modified the 4.26.0 Engine (via GitHub source) to allow for up to 16K textures since you probably know using the ‘Scene Capture Cube’ with the “Experimental” ‘Omni-directional Stereo Capture’ enabled, which has a limitation of 4K x 4K, or 8K x 4K displayed. I plan to add addendum on how to do make the simple source code change in YouTube tutorial soon.

It should also be noted that there are performance hits, and you need a good performing GPU with at least 8 GBs if you want to increase the texture size past 4K.

Finally, I agree. These other tools are outrageously priced, and looking over your video demo, your technique is similar to a technique discussed here back in 2015, which with the current advances in the Scene Capture Cube, including RTS capability along with better performance and less distortion than the Panoramic Capture or Ansel with the Keyboard script emulator hack this could be solid took if the Unreal team bumps up the texture resolution and allows for AmbiX recording instead of just two channel stereo.

seems like unreal posted their own video as well for basic panorama?