WIP 1: Unnamed Stranded Game

Hi forum peeps! I’m a recent convert from the UDK3 forums, and I come to you now with a new project that has bounced through my head sufficiently to get a thread here.

Concept: ( square brackets denote things that may change)

I love Sci-Fi, and also love survival games (being in vogue currently is a bonus/downside) but I feel like a lot of them lack story, or leave story too far in the background. So here is my own take on making all those things I love into one glorious game.

I have been filling up a Trello page with all my thoughts towards this project, and will continue to do so. My game will have three possible endings, one of which will be sorta/kinda secret, so spoilers on the Trello I guess.
Here it is.

I’m starting this thread to get feedback, ideas, and hopefully guidance from those more experienced with UE4 to tell me what will work and what won’t.

Updates should be forthcoming.


Welcome Arcanis…
Good to finally see you here …

Hey Nicholas,
It’s AmyP from UDK forums.

I’m here for letting you know I’m still following your project on Trello. You did a great job with UDK and I can’t wait for seeing your new project using U4 :slight_smile:

Nice to see you on this forum as well amy…