Winter Operative "The Game"

Winter Operative "The Game"

Created in Unreal Engine 4.11

Hello guys, my name is Marlon and this is my 1st post in the forum. First of all let me thanks EPIC for the big source of tutorials, makes the whole learning process very fast. I started recently learning unreal and its visual scripting methodology. My idea is to be able to create a game from scratch, using one of my characters and get to know better the software.

Character HD Images:

This is the 1st test, implemented:

  • Character Blueprint and project inputs
  • Character animation blueprint
  • Retargeting animations to my custom skeleton
  • Set up from initial materials
  • Camera behavior.

Regarding camera I still need to fix some behavior during aim mode and mainly improve the materials, specially regarding the skin shader which right now is pretty simple.

The next step is to fix AI to the Dron to follow the character and improve the character blueprint + particles FX. Then move along to the level creation using procedural shaders.

Ah look a division clone :smiley: But a realy good one :3

Thanks Kanizitas.

Indeed the character is created from a concept from Blake Rottinger, who follow “The Division” style. Seems that I will go towards the same style too on the game design, but who knows.

The character is amazing.
The googles and the mask looks very primitive compared to the character equipment.

I realy like him ! An d the animation is realy good.
I have a question, i tried to animate a character and it works but i have some aliasion issue around the character. I think this is because of the temporal AA but i’m not sure. How did you manage it ?

Thanks Elendil. aliasion? What do you mean?

My animations comes from the epic mocap market place which use the default epic character. I retargated all those animations to my custom skeleton via Unreal retargation tool, which works perfect.

What I can say is that not all the animations were retargated right so I had to set certain bones to “Recursively Set Translation Retargeting Skeleton”. You have all the info here:

Hi what i wanted to write was aliasing and not aliason :slight_smile:
But i d’ont know if this is aliasing. It’s a sort of blur around the edges of the character when he moves. Nevermind, thanks for your advices and keep up the good work …

why is he so skinny?