Winning Condition for a race game


I would like to know how can I do to make a car Go through a Triggerbox but when the car has overlapped the triggerbox less than 30 seconds it shows the Win Screen (Which is another Level) And if it hits after 30 seconds it goes to the GameOver Screen.

Here is a tutorial for making a very simple racing timer (Just counts seconds) but it shows you how to use the trigger box to stop the time and all you would need to add is a check on the “time” variable and a branch node. If it is true (<30) display win screen. If false display game over screen.

I tried tto do the branch but it does nothing I try to pass after 30s and see how it does but it shows me the win screen anyway

I casted this blueprint to the actual gamemode because it is the place where I ve set the timer variables such as seconds and minutes and this blueprint is the Level Blueprint

Screen shots?

Show me where you set the “seconds” variable. Also, print a string of your seconds variable right before the branch here and see what the value is. Make sure it is giving you an appropriate value.