Wings of Phoenix [UE4-Work in Progress]

Hello All,

I finally have a demo for the game I’ve been working on in my free time. Its called Wings of Phoenix (for now at least)


It is basically a Hack’n’Slash game, with additional super powers for the characters. The game is set in a futuristic era. Here people rely on technologies and have forgotten about magic, but some still practice the dark art. All people now live in the Walled City.

The game is inspired heavily from “Dishonored”, “Deus Ex Mankind Divided” and similar games.

Most of the assets are freely available on UE4 marketplace. Characters were created in DAZ Studio and animated in Maya. Programming was entirely done in Blueprints. A few Models e.g. Sword was made by myself in Maya.

What are your thought about this? Please be lenient in your criticism as I never studied game development, or related fields professionally in university etc.

Looking good :slight_smile:

Lenient criticim doesnt lead to any improvement in what may potentially be drastically flawed. Ask for brutal honesty and you’ll get further, trust me on that one :slight_smile:
I will offer 5 suggestions as I am a little pressed for time in the moment:
1: Personally I would suggest improving the size of the collisions to accurately represent the item they are containing. For example, you can stand on air when by the edge of a roof.
2: I would also suggest altering the lock-on capability, perhaps a blurred mirage-type circle around the selected enemy. Just seems a bit more engaging.
3: A third would be to have more things in the environment to interact with. Would be cool to pick things up and throw them from a distance and hit an unsuspecting enemy.
4: Greater range of attacks. The main combos are cool but can become repetitive I think throughout the game. Perhaps having a series of weapons with their own attacks nd animations may compensate for this, as in Ninja Blade, for example.
5: Some dialogue. Perhaps after she defeats an enemy, on occasion she can come out with a snarky comment about how pathertic they are, or something.

Just some ideas to float around.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. **** good job!

Now, if I may ask you a few things…
Are you working on this alone or in a team?
Is there a stroyline to this project or is it just hack’n’slash?
How many hours have you spent on this project?
How many hours until your project is complete?

Just to note they starred my word “d a m n” before “good job” in other comment ^^ … Made it seem worse than it is with those stars.

Thanks for the kind words

TL;DR to your questions

  1. I am working alone in my free time
  2. I have a high-level story in mind
  3. Since May 2017 :stuck_out_tongue: Nearly Daily 2 to 3 hours (this project went through many iterations)
  4. Don’t know, I will keep working on it till I can

The LONG Version: I started learning the engine with the goal in mind to make the Blink ability from dishonored (I’m obsessed with that) Then I realized that I need to learn much more than a game engine to actually create the assets used in games. So I learned Maya, Substance Painter (I already knew Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects etc.). First I tried to make an open world game alone :p. I realized that I’m not yet ready for it. I compared my work with that of the professionals, I felt sad and knew I could never achieve that quality. Then I focused my attention to making a presentable demo to recruit (or join) a team; and together work on completing this concept. So, the above video is an effort to make a presentation to recruit a team for the project.

No need for TL;DR, If you took the time to write it, I will respect that with the time to read it.
I hope my ideas/advice helped you in some way.

Thanks for answering my questions, I was very curious. Very pleased to hear that there is a high-level story going to be involved - has it been written yet? For me the gameplay, however great it may be, will not draw me in enough to pay for the game without a good story behind it. Of course, I speak only for myself here :slight_smile:

If I was not currently engaged in a project full-time, I would have been happy to work with you on yours, if you had accepted me. It really is a delight to see, And I totally see what you mean about the blink ability - but i actually think you do it better.

You are very good at what you do. If you decide to join another project part-time, one that already has almost everything mapped out from storlyine and dialogue to assets and level design and game mechanics, please consider mine. We already have a team together and are working well on the project from 1 month and could always do with more talent. I would be delighted if you decide to PM me, but at the same time, I will take no offense if you choose not to. Thanks for your reply ^^ and best of luck on your project!