Windows XP support, wait what?

As i read the 4.2 Changenotes, i noticed the “upcoming” Windows XP support, i am a bit shocked. Not that i don’t like the system, but support ENDED, no user should start using this system (if you already use it, that’s another story). But everybody should switch.

I just fear that:

a) The UE4 developers might limit themself, trying to bring as much as possible to the old Windows XP(as they already need to implement OpenGL for W-XP, or is it already an alternative in general for Windowsmachines?)
B) To many user decide to keep their XP, because with UE4 their is a new possiblity for great games on this system, and becoming an easy target, this way.

Just 2 of my concerns. Maybe from a developing point of view, it’s not as much work as i think it is. (i doubt that, as it needs extra testing)


I’d like if microsoft uploaded a “final update” for XP to windows update, that irreparably destroys XP on install. Now that’s actually a great idea.

I don’t see why anyone would still use XP. Honestly, if you still use XP today, then you’re an idiot…

There is a mass of people who prefer and continue to use XP over Vista, 7 and especially 8 for numerous reasons. I don’t necessarily believe their point of interest is to target existing XP users but rather to be compatible with a broader range of operating systems. XP should certainly still be a consideration given a mass of yet loyal users, despite discontinued development and distribution.

In this case, extending compatibility to XP was a relatively easy, non-regressive addition to the growing list of supported operating systems.

I couldn’t agree more! Sadly, the big outlier here is China, which has a very high penetration of Windows XP still.

I see a bright future for the ATM’s, if you get killed in the game you lose money.

haha that’s the best idea! As i use Windows 7 i am “safe”. So let’s write a plugin, everytime you kill a Goldfarmer from China, you get some of theirs :smiley:
Finally, we strike back :mad:

@Daniel Vogel
True (And i know, support for Server 2003 is still going), but it seems that WIn7 is going to make the cut in the near future. SO maybe in the next 12 Month(I hope for it) it’ll be way above XP.

Memnarch, while I haven’t used XP myself sicneabout 7 years ago, I don’t agree with you on not having the option in UE4. This, is an engine, and it’s natural to support as many platforms as possible, which will only give more choises to developers.

It’s really up to the developers to decide whether they want to support XP for their project or not, disabling them to do so, just because some developers don’t “want” to use it, is not rational in my opinion.