Windows Warning Messge on 1st Run from a Build


When you first run an exe from a build windows popups with the warning about access to the internet / local network, can this be suppressed or edited? as currently it displays Unreal Engine etc?

Just press allow, and it should be fine.

If I click allow, the message disappears which is fine but I would like to prevent this from been displayed al all - if possible.

This only happens once for each new build of the engine, so you won’t see it all that often, and turning it off is not a good idea! This message is sent from the windows firewall asking if this program should be allowed to use the internet. Turning off this message will also turn it off for potentially harmful programs (spyware, viruses), and they will automatically be given access without your consent.

It is a bad idea and I advise against doing this!! For that reason I’m not going to list all the steps required, if you really want to do this you will need to look it up online at your own risk. :slight_smile: