Windows SDK Setup for Packaging (Turnkey?!)


I am trying to package the demo project from this course:

Unfortunately (!) the course makes no mention of how to setup the Windows SDK and there is no obvious way from within the editor either and the link to the docs give 404. From the error message I figured there is a tool called Turnkey so now I am trying to make this work…

I am using the UE5.0.0 Early Access 2 version, I think it is the latest one. This document [1] tells me there is a folder called Engine/Build/Turnkey which contains the manifest file among other things.

However this folder does not exist and trying to create the folder and the TurnkeyManifest.xml manually do not fix the following error, that occurs whenever I run the RunUAT.bat file:

ERROR: Failed to find scripts to execute in the command line params.

So my question: Is Turnkey the right (only) way to set up Windows SDK to package my game? If yes, how do I make it work? Why does the Engine/Build/Turnkey folder not exist on my installation when documentation says it should be there?

Thanks in advance

[1] Setting Up Turnkey for Your Organization in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

For anyone else wondering…

So turnkey is not required at all. After I installed the .NET framework (3.1 and 5.0) in order to make turnkey work, Unreal was able to find and set up the Windows SDK automatically.

This post mentions the .NET 3.1 runtime as well, so maybe that is what did the trick:

I did not need to copy the dll that is mentioned in that post, simply installing .NET seems to have solved the issue for me.

Thank you for posting the solution! Was having the exact same issue.

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I tried a lot of things mentioned on the forums before I finally got it working. This is how I fixed it: SDK Not Setup Warning in UE5

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