Windows key / fn input

Is it possible to map Windows key as input, or at least block it?

My list of inputs includes Alt, and it is universally hated to misclick Win key which is right next to it because it minimizes the game.

I know some games have disabled it (including adding a checkbox in settings whether to do so or not), but it would also be great if it can be mapped as the same input as Alt key in project settings.

The same can be asked about fn and menu key (menu key is the one right next to the right windows key in the picture, it is an equivalent of right clicking but without x,y).

I’m unable to find anything about this online, it always redirects me to a similar query.


Do you find something? I want to implement that press windows key button minimize the game. I found code to minimize the game now I need a information that windows key is pressed. It’s not available for normal Input keys.

Nope, gave up on it.