Windows installer


What is the recommended installer you use? Like Installshield or so… i am asking also due Visual C++ redistributables (to have it included in installation) and i see that it has to have also direct X? (eg due audio…)



And now i see, that even DX audio dlls can be missing! So also some Direct X installation must be included? (which?)


No official guides which direct x is needed etc from Epic? To make functional Windows installer? Because the game itself doesnt work out of box on foreign computers, so all of you developers have to manage this somehow?



I was also wondering about this as I want to send some friends playable alpha builds but most, if not all of them, can’t guarantee they have all the pre-reqs for the game to run. It seems that just making a zip or self-extractor may not cover all my bases. To that end I wonder what (if any) files could potentially be needed that may not package with the game and what, if any install-maker software would work well (best?)?

So far I’ve looked at: Wix Toolset, Inno Setup, NSIS, and Installer Jammer which is apparently now defunct.

hi, yes thx for reply. i am still wondering too, i hope someone from epic will say something to it … because thats most important i guess !

So i decided to use Inno Setup, its best it seems. At least Wix vs Inno Setup…

Inno supports like Pascal scripts where can one include and launch another installation after installation process, eg DirectX, Visual Redistributables etc…