Windows/GUI has screen jittering and tearing when mouse hovers over

Hey there !

Got myself a production laptop not too long ago. Started using UE4 and… I get that (in video) and I have no idea why. Probably something with my graphics card driver ? Maybe it isn’t yet supported ? Note that links in UE4 launcher so… Answer Hub, Unreal Forums, Tutorials, Unreal Wiki and Documentation all make UE4 launcher window shake like crazy.


Here are my graphical specs:

Geforce GTX 880M and Driver Version 337.5

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Could you post your dxdiag for us? Are you using 4.1.1? Did this occur in 4.0.2 as well? Thanks!

Hey there !

problem only seems to come up in 4.1.1. Here’s DxDiag link text. Under graphics it says Intel HD but I think I have Optimus tech.

So another thing. Every other software on my computer runs fine and doesn’t encounter this problem. These are specs from Geforce Experience (file linked).


Are you seeing any such issues in standalone games, or only in Editor?

Can you try to put this into Editor’s command bar and see if it changes anything:
set r.MSAA.CompositingSampleCount 0

Can you try to close all but one viewport in Editor and see if that changes anything?

Seems like an editor only problem.

Entered that line in the “enter console command” bar and nothing happened. I tried closing everything but one viewport and problem persists. I have no problems working inside any of viewports though. Changing to Windows 7 basic color scheme makes it worse (color scheme is changed by recording software I’m using Open Broadcaster Software and noticed a hike in jitter intensity).

One very curious thing. jitter only happens when in Place or Geo Edit mode. Everything else functions perfectly well. Here’s an example in video:


Geforce Experience got a new driver update: 337.88. Downloaded it and it fixed my problem with crazy jitter.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Thanks for update :slight_smile: